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There are a few car insurance companies that are based in the country of Canada. One of these is Allstate which is a branch of the US based company of the same name.

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Q: What car insurance companies are based in Canada?
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What companies offer the most affordable basic car insurance in Canada?

Companies who offer the most affordable basic car insurance in Canada include Windsor Car Insurance, Canada Car Insurance, State Farm and Falcon Field.

What companies offer car insurance in Canada?

Car insurance that is available in Canada is Aviva, Pembridge, RBC insurance, Allstate, CAA insurance, Millennium insurance, Alberta Motor association and many more companies.

Where is RBC car insurance based out of?

RBC car insurance is based out of Canada. The company name, RBC, stands for Royal Bank of Canada, so it is based out of Canada, but has expanded throughout North America.

Are there any insurance companies in the US that only sell car insurance for women?

Car insurance companies do not discriminate based on age, sex, or gender. Car insurance companies want to provide customers with the best options for a drivers individual car.

What are some car insurance companies based in India?

There are several car insurance companies based in India. Some of these include: United India Insurance, HDFC Ergo, TATA AIG, Bharti Axa, and Oriental Insurance.

Who are some of the top car insurance specialists in Canada?

Some of the car insurance companies in Canada which seem to be highly thought of include AIG and AIS. Another well thought of car insurance company in Canada is AAA.

What companies have info on car insurance?

One can find information regarding car insurance from many companies. Sites like ConsumerReports, Investopedia, and local American state based sites all have information regarding car insurance and ratings on insurance companies.

Which car insurance companies are based in California?

There are many different car insurance companies that operate nationwide. Many insurance companies have offices and headquarters in California. The California Insurance government website has information on Low Cost Programs.

What companies offer car insurance in BC Canada?

There are a wide variety of companies in BC, Canada. That offer car insurance. Some of the more popular ones include: Insurance Bureau of Canada, BCAA Insurance, Canadian Direct Insurance, and Westland Insurance. While these companies are all good in their own way. You don't always need to go to a big company. Some smaller companies are always good like: Liberty Mutual, Farmers Car Insurance, State Farm, and AllState.

What companies offer nationwide car insurance?

Many insurance companies offer car insurance nationwide. In Canada, it is illegal to operate a car on public roadways that is not adequately insured. There is an insurance company called Nationwide that sells policies online through its website.

What are the most popular collector car insurance companies?

There are many great collector car insurance companies. The most popular collector car insurance companies are Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, Grundy Insurance, and Chubb Collector Car Insurance.

Which companies sell electric auto insurance?

All the companies who are covered by the Green bill of Canada can sell electric auto insurance. Speak to your car dealer about electric car tax refunds as well because in Canada, green is mean!

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