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Muhammad Ali started boxing at the age of twelve, so there was not much of a career before that.

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What age did Muhammad Ali retire?

muhammad ali retired his boxing career at the age of 48

What did Muhammad Ali do when he was a child?

he started a career and started boxing in the Olympics when he was 12

What was the year Muhammad ali started boxing?

Muhammad Ali started boxing in 1954.

When did Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing happen?

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing happened in 1992.

When was Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing created?

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing was created in 1992.

What school did Muhammad Ali attend for college?

Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He barely finished high school and went on to concentrate on his boxing career.

When did Muhammad Ali finish boxing?

Muhammad Ali died in 1981.

What collage did Muhammad Ali attend?

he did not attend any college because of his early boxing career

What did Muhammad Ali do besides boxing?

Beside boxing Muhammad Ali was always boasting or sitting and praying in a mosque.

When did Mike Tyson fight Muhammad ALI?

Mike Tyson has never fought Muhammad Ali. Ali had retired from boxing long before Tyson started as a professional.

What does Muhammad Ali do in his retirment?

Muhammad ali coached boxing at the side of his daughter whenever he can

What was Muhammad Ali goal in boxing?

Muhammad Ali goal was to be the greatest boxer ever.

What are Muhammad Ali qualities?

one of muhammad ali qailtes were boxing and his famous qoutes

How much money did Muhammad ali earn for boxing?

Muhammad Ali was one of the most famous boxers that ever lived. He earned a total of 40 million dollars in his entire career.

Why was Muhammad Ali famous?

Muhammad Ali was famous for being a Boxer and was a world boxing champion.

Did Muhammad ali win any awards?

Muhammad Ali won many awards. In 1997 Ali one the Essences living award. Then in 1974 he won the sportsman of the year. But before that in 1960 he won a gold medal, at the Rom olympics, for light heavyweight boxing.. Muhammad Ali dedicated himself to boxing.

What was Muhammed Ali's lightest pro fighting weight?

Muhammad Ali was perhaps at his lightest during his boxing career around 220 pounds. At his prime, Muhammad Ali was 236 pounds and a heavyweight.

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