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What cars existed in the 1980s?

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Almost everyone that exists today. The two I can think of that no longer are in production are Oldsmobile & Plymouth. The Scion was not in production in the 80s and there are probably more.

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What were the Popular cars in the 1980s?

retarted people

When did robots start making cars?

In the 1980s.

Cars in the 1960s?

yes, cars existed in the 1960s.

How were cars around the 1980s?

they built them with all the knowledge they had

What are Darda cars?

Darda cars are actually toy cars. They were manufactured by a Germany company, and enjoyed popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

How did cars change from the 1980s to the 1990s?

Dale Earnhardt, Sr., of Kannapolis became the best-known driver of the 1980s and 1990s.

What year will it be when flying cars exist?

Flying Cars have existed since the 1950's.

What model cars were the most popular in the 1980s?

1985-1992 chevrolet camaro

How cars have changed 1940s-1980s?

its mainly build quality and engine output. a 1940s car with a 2 liter engine might have had 50bhp where as a 1980s car with a 2 liter engine might have had 80 to 90bhp. also later cars have more safety features and are far more reliable.

In medieval times did they ride cars trucks?

Motorised cars and trucks have existed for less than 120 years.

Are cars made of aluminum?

Most cars have some aluminum in the structure, but for the most part, car bodies are sheet steel. The 1980s DeLorean was constructed from aluminum.

When did GM cars stop using distributors?

The first distributor less cars started appearing in the mid 1980s the last distributor being produced in about 1990

Did invention of cars had any effect on the number or types of roads that existed?


How easy is a pontiac fiero to work on?

Fiero is quite easy to work on in comparison to other 1980s GM cars and much much easier than newer cars

When will flying cars exist?

Flying cars have existed for quite some time. Check out the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun'.

What were cars like in the 1980s?

American autos in the 80s were changing over from carburetors to electronic fuel injection and computers.

How many cars in Persia?

Persia hasn't existed since 1935 when it became Iran...

What kind of cars existed during 1998?

the 1998 firebird was first built in 1998

Schools in china?

Chinese law requires students to attend school for at least nine years. Private schools have existed in China since the 1980s.

What was transport like in the 1980s?

About the same as it is now, except you didn't have to take your shoes off to get on a plane and we didn't have hybrid cars.

Is 2002 Chevy Malibu fuel injection or carburetor?

Fuel injection. Carburetors went away in cars in the late 1980s.

What term describes the state of hostilities with little actual fighting that existed during the period after World War 2 until the last 1980s?

"The Cold War" .

In Medieval Times did they have cars?

No, they didn't. Cars have only existed since around the 1890's. ----- In the Middle Ages, they had vehicles they called cars. Clearly, they were not automobiles; they were what we might call carriages, carts, or wagons.

Are flying cars invented?

Yes, there have been flying cars over the years, but none have them have them have worked very well as cars or planes. One of the most famous examples is the Aerocar of the 1980s which had wings and a tail that detached into a trailer it could pull. Only a three were ever made.

What are the changes between cars from 2000s and 1980's?

A lot more automatic (electronic) stuff in the 2000s whereas in 1980s a lot was still mechanical. Distributors vs electronic ignition, computers in cars, etc.