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Q: What cars take the penzoil PZ34 oil filter?
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What cars take a STP sa6821 air filter?

93 Lexus LS400

What cars take a Castrol MaxPro CM 3593A oil filter?

Honda accord

What cars take a FRAM PH 3980?

95 S-10 pickup 4.3 other 4.3 may take this filter

What cars take a motorcraft FL 400 A oil filter?

Ranger 2.3 (it fits and works weel, but the original is the FL1) Focus Many other.

How to change the cabin air filter 2004 amanti?

Changing the air filters in cars is important. To do this, loosens the ring at the air take manifold, removes any screws holding it in, removes the old filter, put in the new filter, and put everything else back.

How do you turn off fuel filter light on Toyota Hilux Diesel?

One can take the car to the dealership to find out if there is an outstanding problem and also to turn of the fuel filter light. Most times cars have a light in its a good indicator that there is a serious problem!

Where is the oil filter on a Mazda 3?

if you look under the front of the car, there's a plastic splash shield that needs to come off. on 2.0L cars, there's a cutout that lines up (I'm told) with the filter, so you don't have to take off the whole shield. But on 2.3L cars like mine, the hole doesn't line up. it's much less messy to just take off the spash shield anyway. also, be careful, 2005 and earlier 3's have a filter cartridge, whereas 2006 and later (I think that's the cutoff) have a traditional spin-on filter. good luck.

How do you I take a parmithen mek a cars?

how I meking a cars

How do you change the secondary air filter on a tundra?

take it out and put in a k@n filter take the charcole filter that sits abouve air filter out for better air flow

How do you take a oil filter housing off a Ford F-350 with a 460?

take the filter off then unscrew the bolt at the oil filter housing

How do you take off a Harley Davidson FXSTC oil filter?

The oil filter is located at the lower front of the engine next to the bottom of the down tubes. take a filter wrench that is the correct size for your filter and slide it over the end of your filter. take a socket wrench extension and put that in the filter wrench. then take a socket wrench and attach it to the extension and twist it counter clockwise to loosen the filter. slowly unscrew your filter as not to damage the threads. your filter will come off as you loosen it all the way.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1986 mercedes-benz 560 SEL?

when you pop open your hood look to your left front corner its like a barrel but has a lid on it. Its not like the new cars where its located under the car. All you have to do it take that bolt out and untwist it and theres your dirty Oil Filter