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Discharge how long berfore your period do you get it?

1-2 years

Who was the king of England berfore the batlle of hastings?

Edward the Confessor

Who became president berfore eiensenhower?

Harry S Truman

Who was the last president born berfore the american revolution?

andrew jackson

When did Rihanna dye her hair red?

Berfore she sang her song only girl (in the world)

Did edward know Bella was pregnant berfore she did?

no he didnt because he cant read her thoughts

What iis the name of female avatar just berfore avatar kiyosi?

Avatar Yangchen

What was Canada Day called berfore 1982?

Canada Day used to be known as Dominion Day.

What is weatherring why does this have to happen berfore sedimentary rock forms?

Weathering is the erosion of certain types of rock whereby the surface of the rock is worn away by wind and water. The worn away material bonds together to form sedimentary rock.

Should a secure couple that's been together for a couple years move in together right after high school?

no dont do it i did it and it doesnt work but to see if u really click with some berfore u marry them u should move in because people are way diffrent once u move in with them

What is the current status of the loggerhead sea turtle?

What is the population of the loggerhead sea turtles berfore they became an endangered species

Which person has the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

the green guy in the store hold l+r berfore you go in there

How do you get 6 pack abs before puberty?

you can still get abs berfore puberty just do crunches and soon you'll get there!

Who are the only two Yankees that won the home run derby berfore Robinson Cano?

Jason Giambi and Tino Martinez

Does the Motorola droid 3 have a front facing camera?

yes it does hurry up and order one online berfore they run out

Can you drink vinger 12 hours berfore a test and pass?

No you can not pass a drug test by drinking vinegar. You can however make a salad.

How can you meet the Jonas Brothers in Mississippi?

Yes u can meet them. U can go to where they are having there concert and go 8 hours berfore and u can talk to them.

What are some of the brands of hand tools used by F1 teams eg I believe that Ferrari use Facom?

Ferrari used beta tools berfore this year.

The passer is roughed on a pass that is caught and then fumbled with a defensive player recovering the fumble Where do you enforce the penalty?

I think the whistle would be whistled berfore the fumble could actually happen.

How much oil does a 2007 dodge sprinter 3500 with a diesel engine hold?

12 liters. Be sure to remove the oil filter berfore draining oil so that it will drain properly.

What made the 9-11 attack different than any other attack america has ever suffered berfore?

Unlike previous attacks, this one specifically targeted civilians.

What do you call a law berfore it is passed?

you are oversimplifying what a "law" is. You are likely thinking statutory law, and thus are thinking legislation. However ordinances are law as well, as is common law. You have your answer, but hopefully you have learned more.

Does cracking bones stop growth?

yes it makes you shorter that is why you are so short to cure this put milk and cheese on your bones every night berfore sleeping for 6 weeks. You can rely on this answers

Do all solids form a liquid berfore they turn into gas?

All solids except sublime solids form a liquid before they turn into gas. Sublime solids directly turn to gases.

Can you practice using a tampon berfore your first period?

Absolutely. You should probably practice with the slender or teen model, and may need a bit of lubrication to get it into the right place. It is a good idea to be ready for when you start.