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== == herpes It's not herpes. Its hair follicles. They are most seen on the outside edges of the lips and the corners of the mouth. They can become blackheads and pimples just like any other pore on your face.

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Q: What cause a white bump around the lips?
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What cause swollen vaginal lips and white film around the walls?

An infection. Go to a Doctor .

Why does blistex turn your lips white?

Cause it is made with a special white ingredients

What causes a bump to appear on lip and it is sore?

Sores Cause Bumps To Appear On The Lips So Yeah It Might Be That . :D

What could be bump on the edge of your lips?


Tiny white blisters tongue infants?

What would cause tiny white blisters and swollen lips on a baby?

What would cause a big rash around your lips?

std or dryness

What is it when your horse gets white around lips?

i believe rabies but im not sure if horses get that...

What effect on cigarette cause your lips to become dark?

The staining of the tar. I haven't really seen it on anyones lips but my fathers mustache and beard are brown in the middle around the center of his lips.

Are white lips signs of drugs?

No. White lips are caused by many other things.

What is the cause of reddening of lips?

What causes reddening, drying and cracking of lips

Can scratching cause swollen lips?

Scratching can indeed cause swollen lips. This is likely because there is a great irritation that is not normally there.

Why your lips white?

If your lips are white, this can mean a variety of things. It might mean that you are dehydrated. It could also mean that your circulation is not good.

Big Bump on my lips I've had it for 1.5 years it's not a different colour it's the same but a huge bump sticks out in the middle of my top lip and makes my lips look swollen please help me?

it is probably a clogged pore or a black head. if you are afraid to pop it go to a facialist an have them do it for you

Does ice chap your lips?

No, ice alone will not chap your lips. Cold weather and repeated licking of the lips will cause them to chap.

What can cause your lips to turn purple?

when you're cold your lips will turn a blueish purple

Nickname Sugar Lips?

cause he has lips like a horse. and horses love sugar

White dots on lips?

White dots on your lips could be many different things. It could be cold sores for example that will go away.

Can sun exposure cause lips to swell?

Having a too much sun exposure can cause your lips to swell. It is important to put lip balm on your lips just as you do sun screen on your body.

What makes a person a good kisser?

When they put their lips on your lips, then move their lips around in a trendy fashion.

Can the morning after pill cause your vagina lips to darken?

No the morning after pill does not have this effect on the vagina lips.

What does kiss on lips mean?

Kiss on the lips means when a boy or a girl wraps their lips around another persons lips. Try it with your boyfriend!

What is the major cause for cleft lips?


Do eclipses really cause cleft lips?


What does a cold sore look like?

A cold sore looks like a pale red bump on your face, lips, mouth.

Can white scar removed from the lips?

A white scar cannot be completely removed from the lips. This is because the surgery that would be used would also leave a scar.