What cause burning eyes?


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Usually the main cause of burning is dryness and/or Allergies.

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yes it can, it can cause a burning sensation and watery eyes.

she has a bad cold and coughing a lot eyes are burning.may have the flu.

its either serious burning of the skin or both serious burning of the skin and damage to the eyes.

Tired Eyes Slowly Burning was created in 1987.

Symptoms can include: burning eyes; swollen eyelids; red, burning and blistering skin; cough; difficulty breathing; and hoarse voice.

It can cause illness, burning eyes, breathing problems, and even death in the most severe.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea commonly cause burning and discharges.

painburning eyestearsred eyes

its probably not burning but take off your goggles every little couple minutes, not leaving goggle marks loosen your goggles and wear cream after swimming

seeing damage and burning. wash out eyes immediatly with cold water. if burning continues call eye doctor

Pollution can deteriorate our body very badly. Excessive pollution can cause burning of eyes also sometimes can cause suffocation. Breathing in of any pollutants is not good for the health. It can cause lungs to lose its efficiency.

when that persons eyes are burning or when there body is burning

Well, depression is an emotion and the effects of being emotional can cause;sadnesscryingangernauseaburning eyesheadachenervous conditionsanxiety

Lactate is the most likely cause of the burning one feels in the muscles.

They cause watery eyes because the smoke contains chemicals that irritate your eyes. Your eyes water in order to flush out the chemicals before they can damage your eyes.

Well after burning magnesium today I must say that I have got headache and pain in my eyes in less than few minutes after. I dont know is it because of fumes or light. I havent looked directly in light.

Lactate is the most likely cause of the burning you feel in overworked muscles.

Several thing scan cause a burning smell from a car A/C. One cause can be that the compressor is burning up. Another possibility is a wiring shortage.

If your eyes are burning and red it could mean several reasons. Possibly something has gone into our eye your you have been exposed to dust some sort of atmosphere that you are alergic to. Some allergens like pollen, mold and even pet dander might have caused this. If you were in contact of any pet, you might want to avoid that next time. Sometimes even some trees and shrubs can cause this. You maybe sick to cause your red eyes. But it is mostly like the environment you surround yourself in. Best way to alleviate this to avoid anything that may cause this and use some eye drops.

well there is many reasons there eyes could be burning or they have somthing in there eye

Methylphenidate has not been known to cause a hemorrhage behind the eyes. Something that can cause bleeding behind the retina in both your eyes is diabetes or a stroke of the eye.

there is no taste linked to the chillies it causes an irritation to the tongue hence it causes burning and tears in eyes..........................

There are a few different reactions to burning. Burning can cause something to simple be burnt and turn colors after getting so hot. Burning can also cause things to melt. It depends on the melting point of said object being burnt.

Common symptoms are: dry eyes, pain in and around the eyes, blurry vision, double vision, burning eyes, watery eyes and small spasms or twitches around the eyes.

Many men and some women experience burning with urination with chlamydia. Other problems can also cause this symptom. Burning with urination deserves an exam by a health care provider.

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