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Funding was needed for the Vietnam War

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Johnson's Great Society programs were designed to end poverty and racism. Medicare and Medicaid are Great Society programs still in existence.

Major goals of President Johnson's Great Society were to help end poverty and to end discrimination in voter registration.

The main goals in the Great Society were putting an end to both poverty, and racial injustice.

the society will never end

to end povery and racial injustic in america

End of the Paleozoic era no, end of the Permian period. the cause was the great dying.

to end poverty and racial injustice in america (NOVANET)

You may be referring to the "Great Society." President Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to try to end poverty, reduce crime, and also reduce income inequality. He also wanted to improve the environment. Beginning in May of 1964, he announced a series of programs and policies that he hoped would achieve these goals, including what he called the "War on Poverty." As part of the policies he supported, he started the Job Corps, to provide vocational training; and he also championed Medicare, to provide affordable health care for the elderly.

The government tried to relieve the Great Depression with economic recovery programs, but it did not end until WWII started and manufacturing increased.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal was a set of government programs. The programs were supposed to help common people have work and end the Great Depression.

The Great Depression Ended because of WWII though Franklin D. Roosevelt's New deal program helped American Citizens it was not the cause of the end of the Great Depression WWII was the end of it because more people went off to war.. and that put woman working in factories.. and more people were in work. So WWII was the main cause of the end of the Great Depression and the New Deal helped too. By: Nicole (:

To help end Americas poverty and racial discrimination

South End Historical Society was created in 1966.

Ziv Television Programs ended in 1962.

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Norwegian Society ended in 1813.

London Society ended in 1898.

Lithuanian Scientific Society ended in 1940.

Glasgow Literary Society ended in 1831.

London Typographical Society ended in 1964.