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Both of the world wars had multiple causes. In the case of WW I there were two very big alliances in Europe, competing for domination of Europe and the world (at that period in history, most of the world was in some way colonized by Europe). There were also separatist movements which were a destabilizing influence; the direct cause of WW I was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary by a Serbian separatist. There was also a long-standing territorial dispute between France and Germany over the province of Alsace-Lorraine, which was part of France prior to WW I and which Germany wished to seize from France. Those were the main causes of WW I. The main cause of WW II was simply that Germany and its allies were not satisfied with the results of WW I and wanted a rematch. Economic problems resulting from the Great Depression were making everybody very bellicose as well. People thought that they could solve their problems through war. And actually, WW II did provide a great economic stimulus. But the cost was extremely high.

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Q: What caused World War 2 and World War 1 to start?
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What caused World War 2 When did it start?

The German attack on Poland 1 September 1939

What caused the world war to happen?

World War 1 was caused by two terrorists. World War 2 was caused by some Fanatics.

What effect did Franz Ferdinand's assassination have on people?

It outraged the Austro-Hungarians and caused world war I.

Is there any proof that Germany did not start World War I?

It is generally impossible to prove a negative. The question needs to ask about evidence that Germany caused World War 1.

Did ww1start with Adolf Hitler?

No, world war 1 was not caused by Hitler. he was just a soldier fighting in world war 1 but Hitler DEFENITLY caused world war 2.

What caused consumer pricess to rise after world war 1?

Mobilization decisions was what caused consumer prices to rise after world war 1.

What caused the world war 1 to start?

it happened b cause people take over land and fight 4 them

What had the greatest effect on world war 1?

It is believed that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is "the spark" that caused the start of WWI

What Caused World War 1 to start?

it happened b cause people take over land and fight 4 them

What war caused Britain to increase taxes during World War I?

World War 1

What caused the shortage of workers during World War I?

because of world war 1

Was Bolshevism primarily responsible for the start of World War I?

Bolshevism had nothing to do with the start of World War 1. The war was a confrontation between European great powers and wasn't a conflict of ideologies. WW 1 was brought about by errors and nationalism. Ironically, Bolshevism caused Russia to leave WW 1. So its ideology became connected to the war.