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Answer I think because he lost to many men in the war, and didn't act fast enough. so, he lost many good advantages Answer Yes. He was slow to act. He took months to move his troops against the Confederate forces around Washington. He was great at training his troops. Answer McClellan was promoted to high command too soon. He had only commanded the Department of the Ohio and a relatively minor campaign in West Virginia when he was called up to command the entire Eastern department and soon after all of the United States forces. He was a great trainer and builder of Armies, he was great at winning the support and loyalty of the men under his command, he was good at logistics and relatively good at tactics and strategy. McClellans problems were in a lack of confidence in the face of his enemy and in being unable to deal with his superiors in Washington. More time in a minor theatre would have allowed him to iron out his flaws to a degree that would have allowed him to be more effective but because of his ego, his ambition, the northern press and Lincoln desire to find someone who wins at the earliest possible moment meant that he was never going to get that time to improve.

For the most part the first answer has currency, except for one major detail. That one concerns the loss of Union soldiers. Under Grant, with Lincoln's approval, US Civil War casualties on both sides were due to the strategies and tactics of total war. Neither men wanted extra bloodshed, however that was the price of victory. That price almost had Lincoln to not be the Republican candidate in 1864. In addition, Burnsides disaster at Fredericksburg where charges were led against fortified Confederate positions cannot be overlooked.

It might be an overstatement that George B. McClellan lost too many men. Despite McClellan's faults, it should be remembered that at times, US President Lincoln became obsessed with capturing Richmond. That cost the North many wasted lives and despite its location, so near to Washington DC, Richmond could have been captured based on the short distance it was from Washington DC along with the number of Union troops that could have been concentrated into an overpowering military force. It can be said that Lincoln gave McClellan more than enough chances. It can also be said that when subordinates fail, the buck stops at the top. The top was Lincoln. He had a habit of choosing the wrong Union generals much too often. As an aside, Lincoln made the commanding general of the Army of the Potomac a revolving door.

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In the eyes of many people during the US Civil War and by historians afterward, Union General George B. McClellan did not live up to the expectations of US President Lincoln and others. With that said, the North's public gave him credit in sending Lee's army back to Virginia after the Battle of Antietam. In hindsight, his critics may have been too harsh. Not all of McClellan's failures were based on his actions and, or inactions. He and US President Lincoln had different views on how the war should be fought. Very few generals on both sides can easily be faulted for certain failures. Nevertheless, McClellan had great opportunities to defeat the Confederacy, and could not take advantage of them. As examples, US General Meade was criticized by Lincoln for not following up after his victory at Gettysburg. US Grant was caught napping at Shiloh, but reinforcements saved the day for him and the Union. Many see Grant as a "fighter" others see him as a general that would lose Union troops that his critics say were unnecessary. To win, he relentlessly believed as did Lincoln that the war was a numbers game. Openly Lincoln discussed that as long as the South continued to lose troops as did the Union, that was "OK" as the Union could replace the lost troops, while the South did not have that luxury.

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Q: What caused many observers to believe that George McClellan was an incapable general in the US Civil War?
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General McClellan proved to be an incapable leader for the North for two reasons?

Despite the overwhelming criticism of General George B. McClellan, he was an effective general. His main problem was a political one with President Lincoln. Also, if had been unable to cause General Lee to retreat after the Battle of Antietam, Washington DC would have been in danger.

Why was General McClellan proved to be an incapable leader for the North?

In general terms, Union General George B. McClellan was a huge disappointment to President Lincoln. McClellan had some notable victories, especially at the Battle of Antietam. As a whole, however, McClellan failed too many times when he had an advantage over his Southern opponents, and made excuses for his inability to carry on major campaigns along with his constant over estimation of Confederate troops.

When did George B. McClellan serve as the Union's general in chief?

President Lincoln appointed Major General George B. McClellan to general in chief on November 1, 1861. He replaced the retiring General in Chief Winfield Scott. Lincoln relieved McClellan of his title on March 11, 1862. McClellan was not in Washington DC at this time. He was in the process of organizing the Peninsula campaign. It is written that Lincoln did not believe that McClellan could hold his position as general in chief and conduct the Peninsula campaign at the same time.

Who was the general that replace McClellan?

General Burnside.

What did General George B McClellan believe was the key area in the South that required immediate attention in 1861?

In his initial plan to end the Southern rebellion, General McClellan outlined a multipronged offensive. The key area of operations would be in Virginia.

What general did Lincoln fire?

General George McClellan.

Where did General McClellan surprise General Lee at?


Whom did Lincoln replace McClellan with in the Civil War?

Major General Ambrose E. Burnside replaced Major General McClellan.

Who was General McDowell replaced by?

General George B. McClellan

What prominent Democrat did Major General George B. McClellan believe would be an ally in his bid to oust General Scott?

Major General George B. McClellan was a Democrat. His plan was to become the Union's general in chief, a post held by the aging General Winfield Scott. McClellan believed that the future secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, would be his ally in the removal of Scott. Stanton was a prominent Democrat and a former member of President James Buchanan's cabinet.

What was the main source of military intelligence for Union General George B McClellan as he pursued Robert E Lee's march to Maryland in 1862?

When Confederate General Robert E. Lee decided to raid the Northern frontier by crossing the Potomac River, he found out that President Lincoln had replaced John Pope with George B. McClellan, as the commander of the the Army of the Potomac. General McClellan relied on two sources of intelligence to track General Lee's progress north. Some came from civilian observers, however, professional information came from the commander of his cavalry brigade, Alfred Pleasonton.

How did some historians come to believe that General McClellan believed in predestination?

Much of General George B. McClellan's correspondence to Washington DC and personal letters are now in the public domain. A good number of historians have to the belief that McClellan had a "Calvinistic" belief in predestination. The totality of these published papers appear to demonstrate that McClellan believed that God had called him to save the Union.

How many troops did General McClellan believe were enough to defend Washington DC in 1861?

General McClellan, in 1861, recommended that 20,000 troops were needed to defend Washington DC. With other troops stationed in the vicinity , additional reinforcements could be rapidly sent to the defense of the capitol.

Who was McClellan replaced with?

After the Battle of Antietam, General George B. McClellan was replaced by Ambrose Burnside.

Why did Lincoln fire general McClellan?

he was fired because of the very slow progress McClellan was making

What two key general posts were filled by Union General in Chief George B. McClellan?

As the new Union General in Chief George B. McClellan was making plans in the East for the Army of the Potomac, General McClellan did not neglect the Western Theater. He appointed General Don Carlos Buell to head the Department of Ohio, and General Henry W. Halleck to head the Department of Missouri. As an aside, at the time, little did both McClellan nor Halleck know that before the year of 1862 was over, Halleck would replace McClellan as general in chief.

What cautious union general was fired by Lincoln?

General George McClellan.

Which general was nicknamed Little Mac?

General George B. McClellan.

Who was the general in the civil war known to hesitate?

General McClellan :D

What did Union general in chief Henry Halleck believe about the Union victory at South Mountain in 1862?

On September 30, 1862, General in Chief telegraphed General McClellan that he was very pleased about the battle reports furnished by McClellan on the victory at South Mountain and Antietam. His congratulations were overwhelming and he promised to convey all of this to President Lincoln.

Who was the union general of bull run?


Who did general McClellan support?

General George B. McClellan supported the Union. He was also a Democrat and supported that party which made him their candidate for the presidency in 1864.

Who did Lincoln command as the first general of war?

General Grant, it was not McClellan because he voted against Lincoln in the election. Lincoln 212 McClellan 12.

What was the reaction of General McClellan when he learned that Confederate General Johnston would be replaced by General Robert E. Lee?

General McClellan was pleased by the change of Confederate command due to the wounded General Johnston. McClellan considered Lee to be meek and clearly was not chosen to lead any major Southern armies. Also, McClellan had a brief encounter with some of Lee's soldiers who failed to retain what would become West Virginia.

What two corps did General McClellan not send to reinforce General Pope's troops at Manassas?

Two corps of the Army of the Potomac were under General McClellan's control at Alexandria. They were General Sumner's Second Corps and General Franklin's Sixth Corps. This totaled 25,000 troops. McClellan saw General Pope as incompetent and did not want to waste good troops to save Pope's hopeless situation. General in Chief Henry W. Halleck ordered McClellan to send these troops to reinforce Pope. McClellan held back these troops as long as possible. McClellan also urged General Pope to not engage the Rebel troops and to retreat to the north.