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What caused the Hunley to be in the news in 2000?


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On 8 August 2000 the Hunley was recovered.

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The duration of The Hunley is 1.57 hours.

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The Confederate submarine was named for its inventor Horace Lawson Hunley.

Follow the link below to the "Friends of the Hunley" site, where there are excellent pictures of the Hunley's recovery and close up pictures of her in the preservation tank. Friends of the Hunley is a non-profit organization created by South Carolina's Hunley Commission (established by the SC Government), for fundraising efforts aimed toward the Hunley raising and preservation effort.

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The most well known thing the Hunley did in the Civil War was to sink the Federal warship Housatonic

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The Hunley is currently undergoing restoration and research in Charleston, S.C., site of her attack on the USS Housatonic.

If you are referring to the Confederate sumbmarine the CS Hunley, then yes it was on the Confederate side.

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