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Lebanon was populated by Christians and Druse Muslims (a minor division of Islam with elements of Christianity). The Christians held the power, and as the Druse population grew they demanded a greater voice in the government. As people who hold power are usually reluctant to give it up, the Lebanese Christians refused, and it erupted into civil war.

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Q: What caused the civil war in Lebanon?
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What was the main reason for the civil wars in Lebanon?

The main reason for the civil war in Lebanon was over Religious&Ethical beliefs. The President was a Maronite Christian, the only Christian ruled Nation in the Middle East. The Christian&Muslim Religious Ethics differ greatly causing ethical&civil conflicts. France was a very strong ally of Lebanon and backed the Christians(generally speaking). So in general, it was a war of Religious&Ethical/Social Values in Lebanon that caused the civil war.

Lebanon in the 1980s?

there were a civil war in lebanon in 1980s

In the early 1980s Lebanon was what?

Lebanon was in a civil war :S:(

What were the causes of Lebanon's civil war?

The Lebanese civil war took place between 1975 and 1990 CE. It was caused by the displacement of a hundred thousand Palestinian refugees. This influx added to the already strained religious tensions. The militarization of the Palestinian refugees also caused an arms race among the Lebanese political factions and ultimately caused the break out of the civil war.

Who became involved in the civil war in Lebanon because PLO was based there?

Israel became involved in the civil war in Lebanon because the POL was based there.

How did the Civil War in Lebanon end?

The civil war ended by the Syrians bombing the Lebanese presidential palace, then the Taif agreement, and a devastated Lebanon with a Syrian occupation.

Where is the Northwest Civil War Council in Lebanon Oregon located?

The address of the Northwest Civil War Council is: Po Box 2248, Lebanon, OR 97355-0948

What Arab state was torn apart in the 1970's civil war?

The answer could be either Jordan or Lebanon. Lebanon is certainly the more famous civil war out of the two.

Where did the Lebanon Civil War take?

The Lebanese civil war took place from 1975 and ended in 1990. It took place in all of Lebanon. Starting from Beirut and ending in Byblos.

Why was lebanon's civil war in 1975 worse than the civil war in 1958?

Thousands of people died.

When did the civil war end in Lebanon?

The Lebanese Civil War ended with signing of the Ta'if Agreement in 1989.

Is Lebanon and Syria still in war now?

Lebanon and Syria have not been in direct conflict since the Syrian army ended the Syrian Occupation of Lebanon in April 2005. There have been some border skirmishes, especially because some of the Syrian Civil War spills over into Lebanon, but there is no declared war between the Syrian Regime or any of the other Syrian Civil War parties and Lebanon.

How did slavery change history?

it caused the civil war it caused the civil war

Is Lebanon at war in 2014?

YES. Lebanon has been dragged into the Syrian Civil War, but on a more localized front.

Which country was in a civil war from 1975 - 1990?


Who endured the civil war from 1975 to 1991?


Which country had a civil war Syria Lebanon or Jordan?

All three have had civil wars in recent times: Syria: 2011-Present - Syrian Civil War OR Syrian Arab Spring War Lebanon: 1975-1991 - Lebanese Civil War Jordan: 1970-1971 - Black September OR Jordanian Civil War

What Arab country had a civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1991?

The country that had a civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1991 was Lebanon. ,

Was the Civil War caused by prejudice?

No. The Civil War was caused by economics and the invasion of the south by the north.

Why did civil war in Lebanon end?

Because there was peace lol

What helped to bring about the 1975 civil war in Lebanon?

Muslims who had fled to Lebanon upset the balance of power with Christians.

What state caused the Civil War?

The causes of the civil war were complex. Not just one state caused it

What Arab country endured a civil war from 1975-1991?


What Arab country endured a civil war from 1975-1990?


Did Lebanon fall apart after the civil war broke out in 1975?