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just a shot in the dark but fuse #12 maybe.

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Q: What caused your horn and cruise control to quit at the same time?
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On your 2001 olds intrigue the horn cruise control power windows and the radio quit working What can you do to make them work again?

check fuse. they are all conected.

Why horn and cruise control quit working on 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

Probably a bad clockspring, be carefull that probably meens you're airbag is out of function too, Does the airbag light come on?

What will cause cruise control to suddenly quit working on a 1990 325i?

on some cars the cruise control cuts out on its own in Case you have fallen a sleep

You have no manual for your 1994 thunderbird can anyone tell which fuse is for the horn and cruise control both quit working?

My best guess is that the fuses are not the problem. I think it is a problem with the ground in the steering column. i FOUND THE RELAY FOR THE HORN/CRUISE IN THE FUSE BOX IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT. IT SHOULD BE THE SQUARE RELAY CLOSEST TO THE FIREWALL, CLOSEST TO THE DRIVER'S FENDER.

Can somebody tell you why your cruise control and horn on your 94 aerostar quit working and how to fix it tried fuses no luck?

I had that problem and had to replace the clock spring in the steering wheel. It's a coil of flat wire that breaks.

Why did my cruise control quit working after I change out my BOO switch on 98 mustung?

The most probable cause for your malfunctioning cruise control is a blown fuse. The fuse might have blown while you were changing your switch. The cruise control fuse can be found in the fuse box.

Why would your lowbeam headlights quit working and cruise control?

It is possible that both of the fuses are bad for the low beam headlights and the cruise control. A loose ground wire could cause the fuses to blow.

Why would cruise control quit working on a 1998 concord?

Check your fuses first; you may have a bad fuse.

What causes the horn and radio controls on the steerinh wheel to quit working on a 2002 Lincoln ls v6?

bad clock spring... most likely your cruise control doesn't work too... also often airbag light stays on too...

Why would the cruise control suddenly quit working in a ford five hundred?

Blown fuse would be where to look first.

Why is your 2004 Subaru Forester Cruise Indicator Light Flashing?

1. You have a problem with the cruise control. or 2. If your check engine light is also on, get the code read, cancel the light and the cruise indicator light will probably quit flashing and the cruise will start working again.

Besides fuses what can cause the horn cruise control and cigarette lighter to quit working at the same time?

I am looking for the same problem, havent found the break in the positive or negative line yet, slow process I am too big to fit under the dash for long.

What would cause the air conditioner and the cruise control quit working in your 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Most likely loss of refrigerant.

Why would your cruise control quit working on your ford five hundred?

It depends on the year. Ford had a recall on their cruise controls. They had a faulty switch on the brake master cylinder. yes but it could get hot and get a short in it

Why did your cruise control stop working on a 1992 Ford Taurus?

Mine didn't quit, why ask me? :-) Check the fuses first.

What causes the horn to quit working on a 2000 Honda Accord?

Most likely a blown fuse. But, the horn itself can be defective.

How do you troubleshoot the cruise control on a 1995 Plymouth neon that has quit working?

as it says here you could check the vacuum cable. I have the same problem on the same car.

Does the cruise control on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica run on vacuum line mine quit working and I was told a vacuum line could be loose or off?

I'm not sure how old this question is but the answer is "Yes". I had lost cruise control on my 06 Pacifica and I found the cause was a broken vacuum line. Simple fix.

Should you quit the french horn?

NO! You should never quit playing the French Horn. Although it is one of the world's hardest instruments to play, it is also the most beautiful sounding instrument.

2001 Ford E350 V10 is there a fuse that powers the cruise control if so where is it located and does it power other systems?

Hi. For what its worth, I have a 2003 E350 and the cruise control and horn quit working. I replaced the fuses (2 fuse boxes....fuse boxs located near the parking brake and under the hood) and still couldn't get it to work. The fuse diagram is located in your owners manual. After fooling with it long enough, I took it to the dealer. Apparently there is a box or switch that is bolted to the body in the engine compartment. The bolts had sheared off and the wire commection came loose. After this repair the horn and cruise worked. Ford (repair) finally did something right for me. Nevermind the other 1000 they charged me to not fix a steering vibration problem.

What would cause the cruise control air conditioning and trans axle to quit working all at the same time on Cadillac Deville 1993?

There is a bad or damaged ground to the the ECM

Why all of a sudden would my wipers washer motor radio cruise control and power windows quit working on my 2000 F150?

no blown fuses. and I have changed most all of the relays

Your 2003 Explorer ABS light is coming on from time to time and the cruise control quit working?

Replace the cruise control deactivater switch which simply screws into the top of the master brake cylinder. Costs less than $20 and everything will run properly again! there is no deactivater switch on the master brake cylinder on a 2003 ford f-250

What makes the horn quit working on a 1987 Honda Civic?

More than likely a blown fuse or defective horn relay.

Why did cruise control on 1998 dodge caravan quit working?

I have been doing a little research here, and my cruise control quits working when the airbag light goes on and stays lit. I just went to the site and checked for recall information under the owner services tab. Turns out the previous owner never had the recall items repaired. It could be a problem with the control, but I am feeling more like it is clockspring related.