What causes a 2002 Ford Focus to get bad fuel mileage?


THere is lots of stuff that can cause bad fuel mileage, starting with proper maintainance. My first questions would be, when was the last time you changed the air filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and how about checked the air in your tires? All of that stuff and more could be working against you.


I was getting about 320miles on a full tank of gas on my 2001 ZX3 hatchback: Some easy fixes I did to improve my mileage beyond 350 actually my best is now 382 miles on a full tank. 1 Slow the F#@k down!!!! I no longer drive much beyond 70mph but actually keep it about 65mph. 2. A little extra air in your tires goes a long way, they say to have about 35psi but I go for about 45psi. 3. Change the oil. 4. New spark plugs 5. Air filter 6. Focus on braking less while driving, more anticipating signals and tend to coast more when there is no need to speed up. These are all things you can do for under $30 and work!!! There is no need for a mechanic to do any of this, you can do it all yourself and it really works. I'm really hoping to hit the 400 mile mark on a tank. Let me know what you end up with.