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More than likely you have a short in the fan motor. will require replacement.

Don't forget the wiring in this circuit could be faulty, the fan switch, even the fan relay can cause a short.

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Q: What causes a 30 amp fuse for cooling fan to blow?
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What causes a 20 amp fuse to blow when starting a 1992 LeBaron that keeps overheating?

Need to know which 20 Amp fuse is blowing.

What causes the 40 amp fuse to blow in 1999 Taurus?

This is the starter fuse I am talking about. It doesn't blow every time. It might go weeks before it blows again.

What causes 5 amp fuse to blow?

A current greater than 5 amps; check for short circuits.

What causes 25 amp fuse to blow when turning fan from 1 to 2?

Short in the speed control switch or the wiring.

Will a 120 volt circuit carrying a 2200 watt load blow a 15 amp fuse?

It will draw over 18 amps and will blow a 15 amp fuse.

What causes 60 amp fuse to blow on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

a massive overload of that particular circuit... cheers Aussie charlie..........

What would have caused your 40 amp fuse to blow?

What Causes Any Fuse to "Blow?"The cause is what fuses were invented and are used for:to detect and protect against SHORT CIRCUIT conditions, and /or CIRCUIT OVERLOAD conditions.

Why does 40 amp fuse blow?

Probably a short to ground.

Can a 25 amp fuse replace a 30 amp fuse in a central ac unit?

Yes, as long as it doesn't blow. You can always go lower with a fuse, but not higher.

What would cause the ignitionstarter fuse 20 amp to constantly blow car starts but only with a larger amp fuse and a jump?

The starter is failing.

Can you run a 20 amp unit on a 15 amp circuit?

No. You will blow the fuse or trip the breaker at the main panel.

Can you fit a 13 amp fuse with a 3 amp fuse?

If you do that the likelihood is that you will blow the 3A fuse quickly. There is a reason why the current fuse is what it is, because it is expecting currents around 80% of 13 A or around 10 A.

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