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could be a bad water pump or the thermostat. i would check the thermostat first for two reasons one its cheaper some where between 8 and 15 dollars and also more likely to fail

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Why does turning on the heater cool down an overheating engine?

Turning on the heater allows the hot water and coolant to enter the heater core.The heater core is really just another radiator designed to extract the heat in the coolant and pass it on into the air surrounding it,in this situation the driving compartment,thus dropping the temperature of the coolant,thus cooling the over heating engine.

Why is 95 Mazda millenia not starting?

Mazda Millenia 95 not starting put another motor in it just turning over? its probably the distributor is bad.

Radiator fans turn on when temperature gauge near overheating?

radiator fan is supposed to turn on before over heating to draw more air thru radiator and over engine to assist with cooling if fan is not turning on soon enuff , you need a new lower temp fan switch

1995 Chevy Prizm driving on highway started smoking from no water in radiator car shut off put water in radiator but instead of turning on spark plugs popped off what is it?

You blew your engine or head gaskets.

How did the capitalism effect the cold war?

by turning the heating on.

How do you work the rear heating in a Nissan largo?

by turning it on !

What is the process of water heating up and turning into gas?


Why is the fan on your 2000 jeep grand Cherokee not turning on the radiator?

Turn the AC on and the electric fan on the radiator should run.

Why does your 1999 Mazda millenia s horn beep while you drive mostly when your turning?

Because you have a short in your steering column wiring.

How do you remove the radiator plug in a 2000 Grand Cherokee?

If it is a plug remove by turning counter-clockwise If it is a petcock - open it by turning clockwise

Where is radiator drain on a 98 camaro?

if you're facing the front of vehicle, it is on the lower Left hand side of the radiator. If you're underneath the car facing the radiator, it will be on the lower right hand side of the radiator. It has a plastic turning screw.

Where is radiator plug on 1996 Chevy Suburban?

When standing facing the Suburban, the radiator drain plug is on the lower right-hand side of the radiator. Drain the radiator coolant into a bucket by turning the drain plug three-quarters of a turn to loosen.

Where is the petcock located on a 91 Pontiac firebird radiator?

The petcock is located on the passenger engine side of the radiator. It doesn't extend outward from the radiator; it's actually inset to it. Turning it counter clockwise opens it.

What makes your radiator fluid change from green to pink?

You have a leaking transmission cooler, usually part of the radiator. The transmission fluid is mixing with the antifreeze turning it pink.

What causes a car to wreck when turning?

Driving to fast for conditions.

Is the drain plug on radiator unscrew by turning left or right?

Lefty loosey, righty tighty.

What causes 1994 Grand AM SE Air conditioner to blow hot air when driving slowly in town but very cold air when getting on highway at speed of 55 or more?

Make sure the radiator fan is turning on when the AC is running.

What is a Throttle stop screw?

it stops you from getting to many turning your engine and over heating it.

How do you turn down the temperature on a hot water heating system?

By locating the thermostat and turning it down

What is a sentence with plasma?

Heating a gas may ionize its molecules or atoms, thus turning it into a plasma.

What is the most common teenage driving error?

Turning without signal

How to flush a Toyota previa radiator?

To flush a Toyota Previa radiator, first drain the antifreeze in the radiator into a bucket. This is done by turning the valve at the bottom of the radiator. Close the valve and add a radiator flush product purchased at an automotive parts store. Follow the directions on the bottle of flush. This usually means running the vehicle for a certain amount of time and then draining the radiator again.

Turning off driving lights on a silverado?

I have a 1996 Chevy Silverado that I want to turn the driving lights off. How do I do that? Thank you

What causes the PS3 Red Screen of Death?

By turning off the PS3. Or By you're PS3 over heating

If a 1996 Chevy Cavalier is over heating even after the water pump etc was replaced and the system was bled could it be a bad water pump?

Overheating can be caused by a blown head gasket or cracked head. Blown head gaskets are quite common on newer four cylinder American cars. Your radiador core can be blocked or radiator grille dirty and resricted , thermostat faulty , radiator cap not maintaining proper pressure . Check to see if cooling fan on radiator is turning when car is in operating temp, or if air conditioner is on. If it is not turning it may have a burnt motor or bad relay. Try a jumper wire to test fan motor.

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