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Could be low coolant, stuck thermostat, bad heater control head (if climate control)

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Q: What causes a Pontiac Montana to blow cold air?
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No heat Pontiac Montana?

Ask this question again. Is the question no blowing or blowing cold?

Why is your 2000 Pontiac Montana blowing cold air?

You should check the thermostat and the fuse for the heater.

What causes a cars heater to blow cold air?

THE CAUSE for this is that when your cold air is on the petrol is used to create air. and that is how cars create cold air

What causes your air conditioner to not blow cold air?

gas leak or wrong wiring

Pontiac Montana only starts when the engine is cold?

try testing icm free at autozone must be off car to test

Where is the full level on the antifreeze tank on a Pontiac Montana?

Apparently when its hot it should be higher than the cold level I read this in my owners manuel .. not very helpful..

Why will my blower only blow cold and not hot I let it idle for 30 mins and still cold air Pontiac transport 97?

here is what you need to do you need to buy one that goes cold and hot you only bought the one that goes hot

What causes a Honda accord AC system to blow warm air when idleing and cold when moving?

Needs a recharge

What causes Condensing unit to blow cold air outside and warm air inside vents?

Compressor not operating.

Will a bad thermostat causes a heating unit to blow out cold air?

If the unit started it`s probably not the stat.

What causes your 1995 Chrysler LeBaron to overheat and heater to blow cold air when you are stopped and cool down and blow hot air when you hit your accelerator?

Your coolant level is low.

It seems to be especially in hotter weather of 90's and above What causes an air conditioner to blow cold for a short time period then only blow hot air not going back to cold and How can I fix it?

There are several causes that an air conditioner is only blowing cold air for a short period of time then only blow hot air and then not going back to cold. This is especially common in the hotter weather including in the 90s and above. It could be from the air conditioner freezing over. You can fix this by simple trouble shooting and if that doesn't work call a repair man.

What causes the climate control on a 1969 Eldorado to only blow cold air?

too much anti freeze, bad or no thermostat.

What intermittently causes the heater to abruptly blow cold air at the same time the temperature gage indicates?

Air in the water system.

1994 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 engine When the car is warning up it has heat but after you drive it for mile you lose heat and it blow cold air have replaced the water pump and thermostat?

check the heater core

Why would a house heater blow out cold air?

It doesn't really blow it out it just warms the cold air.

Who was heroine of Blow Hot Blow Cold?

She was Sandra Brennan.

Why should you blow your nose when you have a cold?

You should blow your nose when you have a cold because it can stop you from breathing and it can make your nose run

What causes an extreme bucking problem in your 1995 Pontiac TranSport van?

One cause would be a cold spark which means you have either a loose coil wire or a bad coil.

What causes a night heater to blow cold air?

Low coolant, bad coolant, blockage in the coolant line, bad heater core or element, bad thermostat

From where the winds come from?

It's the change in air temperature. Cold air heats up and becomes hot air and rises up since hot air is lighter than cold air. The other cold air stays nearer to the ground and that is what causes the winds to blow.

Why air conditioner on a 2001 Nissan pathfinder does not blow cold air?

If it does blow just not cold air you should see if it needs to be recharged

Where does the winds of come from?

It's the change in air temperature. Cold air heats up and becomes hot air and rises up since hot air is lighter than cold air. The other cold air stays nearer to the ground and that is what causes the winds to blow.

What causes the heater to blow cold air when the engine is overheating on a 1999 Cadillac Seville?

Low coolant. If the coolant is low then the heater core is not able to transfer heat in to the car.

Why does it take so long for my 2003 Pontiac Montana to warm up in cold weather its -30 celsius and it takes 30 minutes to even start to warmup where my 2000 Blazer is 10 minutes?

different heating systems and material % of the body