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What causes a Pontiac Montana to blow cold air?


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Could be low coolant, stuck thermostat, bad heater control head (if climate control)

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Ask this question again. Is the question no blowing or blowing cold?

You should check the thermostat and the fuse for the heater.

THE CAUSE for this is that when your cold air is on the petrol is used to create air. and that is how cars create cold air

try testing icm free at autozone must be off car to test

If the unit started it`s probably not the stat.

Apparently when its hot it should be higher than the cold level I read this in my owners manuel .. not very helpful..

here is what you need to do you need to buy one that goes cold and hot you only bought the one that goes hot

It doesn't really blow it out it just warms the cold air.

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No, not if it's on a heat setting. Most home thermostats have a "Fan" setting that will blow cold air if the attic is cold.

If it does blow just not cold air you should see if it needs to be recharged

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Low coolant, bad coolant, blockage in the coolant line, bad heater core or element, bad thermostat

I live in Montana and it gets pretty cold here during the wintertime. It gets hot during the summertime. So... both.

inhuman crime, and inhumane indeed.

it wont blow heat itll blow cold air

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