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What causes a car's front end to shake not vibrate at idle?

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More details would help. Sounds to me like your engine is running with fouled plugs during idle. , EzForJesus

* If it is shaking and rattling check if the engine rocks back and forth when you put it in reverse and then into drive, if so your motor or transmission mounts are worn/broken. If your engine does not rock back and forth, drive around and check to see if there is considerabe loss of torque and horsepower, if so get a free OBD code scan (avail. at most auto part stores.) OBD can detect engine misfires and other problems that could cause shaking. It could also be a bad air filter, bad spark plugs, bad fuel injector, or a problem with the throttle body.

*I'm reading your question as the front end shakes WHILE DRIVING, but not vibrate at idle. Tires are the most common cause of this.

For a low speed shake:

Either a belt inside the tire fails, or there's some separation in the tread area, or there's a 'bubble' in the tire causing the condition. Sometimes, it's just lug nuts that are left loose. All these conditions are dangerous, as a blowout is usually the end result.

For a shake at high speeds:

Usually this is caused by tires being unbalanced. At certain speeds the shake really is noticeable. Rotating your tires from the front to rear will usually identify that problem. (An unbalanced tire in the rear bounces, but the suspension will usually minimize the feel inside the car.)

This may also be caused by severely worn components: ball joints, steering arm, tie rod and tie rod ends. If these components are bad enough to cause you to feel the vibration inside the car, it is too dangerous to drive at that point. Complete loss of control (one or both front wheels not responding to the steering) may result.

My guess would be a misfiring cylinder or worn engine mounts. A fouled plug or bad wire will obviously interfere with normal combustion, and this will cause the car to shake fairly violently and run very rough. Your cars onboard computer may detect the misfire and set the check engine light.

From personal experience, my Honda Civic '97 when I was about to get on the freeway all of a sudden it started to shake really badly. When I started to drive, it was fine. The check engine started flashing every few seconds so I pulled off the freeway to go to a parking lot. I had to stop at a light and again it started shaking violently. It was definitely not a normal engine vibration when sitting at idle. When I took it to the shop and they had looked at it, they said a plug on one of the cylinders had eroded. They explained that the reason why it started shaking was that it went to a 4 cylinder to a 3 cylinder vehicle. That was just my experience with a shaking engine at idle but I'm sure there could be a multitude of reasons on why a car would shake more than normal. .

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Why do cars shake?

There are a few possible causes, but probably the most common is wheel alignment and/or balance.

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Will bad struts make the front end shake at different speed or is it another problem?

One reason a cars front end may shake is bad struts. However, it can also be other things such as a bad tire or even if an alignment is needed.

What causes cars to hesitate?

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Why does your cars front end shake?

You may have a wheel balance problem or something wrong with the suspension or steering gear. Take to a shop for check NOW, this is serious.

What does a front engine mount look like?

Engine and transmission mounts are made of a heavy rubber and are usually black in color. On either side of the rubber is a way to attach it, one side to the motor or transmission and the other to a part of the cars frame. They allow the engine and transmission to vibrate without causing the whole car to shake. A front engine mount would be on a car with frontwheel drive ( sideways facing motor ) attaching it to the front of the frame in the engine compartment.

Why does the steering wheel shake?

usually your cars out of alinment

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Do cars use shocks and struts in the front?

Cars would use shocks or struts in front but not both.

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How does a car beep?

All cars have a switch located in the steering wheel. When the center of the wheel is pressed, the connections make contact inside. This in turn sends power to a horn module located somewhere in front of the car. The power causes a diaphragm to vibrate back and forth causing the "beep" you hear. The sound is usually amplified through a "horn" shaped unit.

Why does your cars tires vibrate?

Could be several reasons but the first one that comes to my mind is to have the tires balanced.

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What causes air injection system pressure to be stuck in cars?

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How many cars have front aux jacks?

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What causes a knocking sound on rear drivers side wheel?

Many causes and different for front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars. It's hard to say without more detailed information.

What causes cars to vibrate?

Unbalanced tires, warped rotor, bad engine mount, bent drive shaft, bent wheel, bad wheel bearings, bad U-Joint or CV joint, or your car might have a rough idle.

Pontiac grand am makes a loud noise in left front tire when accelerating what causes this?

It is more than likely a bad wheel bearing they go out a lot in these cars

Can too much weight on the drive axle can cause hard heavy steering?

On a Front wheel Drive car, yes, on a rear-wheel drive excess weight to the contrary, too much weight too far rear lifts the front and causes lack of safe steering, too light on steering tires. Most cars have about a 62/38% weight distribution, front to rear dry, no cargo. (Front engine cars. Rear and mid- engine cars vary greatly from that

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