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Usually burned up wires from the heat of the bulbs over the years.

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Q: What causes a ceiling light socket to stop working?
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Why does a bulb not fall down hanging with ceiling?

Because the light bulb is physically screwed into an electrical socket. The socket (and fixture) are physically attached by fasteners to the beams in the ceiling. This is a mechanical solution of space requirements.

How do you fix two of the four non working lights in your ceiling fan?

you fix the light on the ceiling fan by puting a new light bulb in your fan

How do you fix the ticket light in a 2007 crown Victoria police interceptor?

What's wrong with it? No light, no electricity to the bulb socket, loose in ceiling...? Radioman

What is ceiling light?

A light that is mounted on the ceiling.

Why is my refrigerator not cooling?

Is it plugged in and on? If it is test the plug by plugging in a lamp to the socket to ensure the socket is working. If the socket light the lamp then the refrigerator has a fault.....(probably the compressor)

What would cause a lail light not to light but it lights when brakes are pressed?

The bulb could be 'blown'. Remove the working bulb from the other light and try it in the socket of the one that isn't working.

1999 Ford Explore All the light bulbs are working but my left brake light isn't Would it be the brake light switch if the right brake light is still working?

No. I am assuming that you first replaced the bulb? If you did replace the bulb, then I would check to see if you are getting power to the bulb socket. If no power is getting to the socket, you then need to find the break in the electric lines going to the socket.

What causes the halogen light in the ceiling to go on and off?

Well the light switch on the wall will make and break the electrical connection, making the light go on and off.

What causes a blue flash from light sockets and then loss of power?

Either you have a short (in the wiring or socket), or you burned out the filament of your light bulb.

What causes the Reverse light to come on when you step on the brake in your 1992 Toyota Camry?

you may have your brake light socket and your back up light socket in the wrong holes. Or you have a short but that would probably leave you with a blown fuse and no lights.

Why is the reversing light on 2000 clio not working the bulb is fine -any suggestions?

Switch? Fuse? Socket?

What causes a light bulb to go out when tightened in socket?

Because when a light bulb is tightened the stuff inside squashes then snaps, causing it to blow.

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