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I am having the same problem, plus have had sensor issues too

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What causes Clicking behind glove box 2004 cavalier?

its your blower motor

What causes a clicking sound in my grand Cherokee when i turn on the air conditioner or heat?

Clicking sound in grand Cherokee can be due to a faultyÊ actuator, or a cracked door. Actuator may causeÊ a clickingÊ sound when one of its plastic gears is broken.

93 grand Cherokee Laredo wont start clicking noise from relay box when you turn key to start position Most of the clicking sound is coming from the fuel pump relay What is going on?

The Cherokee Laredo usually has an electromagnet in the relay box to close or open the circuit in the fuel pump relay. When it is faulty, it will make more attempts to click on or off and that repetitive process causes the annoying clicking sound.

What causes a clicking noise from hazard light systemive a Renault clio rt and i have a clicking noise from the flasher unit it still makes a clicking noise when flasher unit is taken off?

it is not the hazard system, but comes from the speedo cable which is routed behind the dashboard thus making it sound like the flasher unit.

Driving at 50mph or above what causes a loud knocking clicking sound?

Driving at 50mph or above what causes a loud knocking clicking sound during acceleration?

What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

What causes clicking from engine?

If clicking while trying to start then might be a bad starter. If clicking while running, then might be valve/lifter noise.

What causes Cherokee Jeep to burnt?


What causes a clicking noise in a relay box?

That's what relays do when they are energized.

Why do the radiators in your house click when you start the heating system?

they are clicking cause they are heating up. the heat causes expansion and that's why you hear clicking.

What causes Clicking in head?

You are probably stressed. This could be a matter related to sinuses.

What causes the audible clicking with TMJ?

Air bubbles, same as in cracking knuckles...

What causes painful clicking of the Neck?

it is just air escaping the air pockets i think

What causes a clicking sound when you try to start a 98 blazer?

starter part were the wires are.

What causes your Jeep Cherokee 2000 to lean during a turn?

Your shocks are bad.

Black smoke coming out of 98 grand Cherokee what causes this?

02 sensor

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What causes a clicking sound in a front wheel drive vehicle?

It CAN be CV joints, but it depends on the sound.

What causes a clicking sound near the dashboard inside your car and your ignition to be intermittent?

A bad starter

What causes a clicking noise in the shifting lever?

That is the neutral safety switch making the click sound.

What causes 89 Jeep Cherokee to stall after being diven?

Check the operating mechanism

What causes windshield on 1996 grand Cherokee to fog up?

bad heater core.

What causes cluster malfunction on 1999 jeep grand cherokee?

bad battery connection

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