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try a different monitor; sounds as if the monitor cable is on the fritz, the predictable problem if your experiencing color changes on your monitor. recommend replacing cable and see what that will do. note that if your have to open the monitor DO NOT GROUND YOURSELF as this may lead to serious injury or death!


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Use a virus removal tool like Spybot Search & Destroy...duhhhhh.

to change the position on the computer screen.

The sun light reflecting off it!

Put one infrared touch screen out side lcd or led monitor ,connect the usb with computer will change as touch screen.

you might need a new screen or change the power options

Its ths flex... Change it Try plugging it in.

There are a few things that can cause your computer screen to flicker. One being other electronic devices being placed into close proximity of the computer. Also, the rate at which your computer refreshes can also cause the screen to flicker.

Off course computer screen can go black when ever it enter standby mode and no graphics is selected for the screen server . Mean while the same thing can happen if the CPU hibernate.

right click on ur desktop and hit screen resolution and it should take u to a window which lets u change it

You can infact change any LCD screen to a touch screen display. If you wish to use the touch screen as a display and input device you must install other software on your computer to recognise the touch screen input.

Yes, Normally it will change the screen to blue.

Yes but you would need a computer technician to do it.(Find them at local computer store)

To change screen resolution on a Windows computer, right click on the desktop of the computer and select the option screen resolution. From the options in this menu select the option labeled recommended for the best resolution.

Depend where you are. Word processors all have specific commands (look for FONT) In Windows main screen you can change the properties of the screen. (right click on a blank part of the screen).

You can click 'maximize' on the left of the 'close' button. Press F11 for full screen. You can also change the size of the screen by right-clicking and then go to 'properties'. Go to 'settings' and change the screen resolution.

by colour setting or go to mechanic..if problem persists simply change it!!!

Looking at a computer screen for too long can lead to computer eye strain. Spending too much time on the computer is said to be bad for your heart, too. But common causes of computer eye strain: monitor glare outdated eyeglass prescription reading too small type poor screen contrast screen flicker If you fix these problems the computer screen will less likely strain your eyes!

yes but i dont know a boy in my school dose

What you can do is get a larger screen and then hook up your computer to the screen. You can even do it with a TV screen.

Application protocol layers that are specific to certain applications such as the World Wide Web (WWW), email, and FTP causes websites to appear on the computer screen.

a computer screen font is how you type when your typing.

A computer screen is a visual interface, which allows the computer user to see what the computer is doing.

right click your desktop (your computer screen) and click properties then click settings. you will see two blue rectangles that say screen 1 and screen 2. somehow you probably changed one of those screens.choice 1: if you only use one computer screen, click computer screen number 1 and change the screen resolution until it fits your screen perfectly (don't forget to click the "ok" button after making your changes).choice 2: you probably have a laptop and an extra screen at your desk for this one. if your laptop screen is zoomed in, click on screen 1 and change the screen resolution (and by making sure to click the ok button when you're done). if its your other screen that's zoomed in, do the same step but click screen 2 instead.

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