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What causes a girl to be ugly?

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If her features don't compliment each other and if she doesn't have good hygiene

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What ugly dolls are a girl?

nobody is ugly

Ugly betty is she a boy or girl?

Betty in Ugly Betty is a girl.

Miley Cyrus in spanish?

no!shes an ugly American girl! no!shes an ugly American girl!

Is girl you ugly a song?

there is the barbie girl parody

Do boys hate ugly girls?

I wouldn't say that they hate ugly girls but most boys will not date an ugly girl because they want a girl that other guys would be jealous because they have not dated that girl.

How can you say ugly girl in Portuguese?

"feia" Ask an ugly Portuguese girl. Then duck! Menina feia or Garota feia

How do you get a girl if you are ugly?

in my mind no one is ugly. everyone is beautiful inside and out. you just have to be yourself, and any girl should like you for who you are.

Is jess in the dominos commercial a guy or girl?

Its a girl an ugly girl but still a girl

What causes tumours on the foot?

you being ugly

What causes a rooster to vomit?

Ugly hens. There could be any number of causes.

What will cause you not to have an erection?

An ugly girl

Can an ugly girl get a boyfriend?


If a guy calls you ugly then does he like that girl?

maybe but in most cases he could just be a jerk and honestly think that girl is ugly

What names are ugly for a girl?

The names that are ugly for a girl is like kaylee because its plain but names that are cute are HaileyandAnissa!

What does it mean when a girl says it takes ugliness to notice ugly mean?

It means your not ugly

How do you you say beautiful black girl in french?

ugly black girl

What causes a commitment phobic?

Because of your ugly face.

Why does a girl say your ugly and she does really mean it what do i do?

first you are ugly to her second you find a new chick

What can an ugly girl do for her valentines?

Be herself and relax to do something quiet and peaceful to her. But no girls are ugly anymore.

Should a girl shave?

yes ugly

What is a chilean?

A chileann means an ugly girl.

What is the meaning of grenade?

A fat ugly girl

If you are an ugly girl how do you get a date?

Have a great personality.

If your ugly how can get a hot girl?

Be Funny and change

Was the ugly duckling a boy or a girl?


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