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What causes a low lymph blood count?

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I wish someone would tell me because mine has been low for months and apart from a suggestion that I have an HIV test to rule out AIDS (thankfully negative), none of the quacks I have seen seem to know what the problem is. I have ever increasing reason to believe that the vast majority of doctors are useless.http:/
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What causes your blood count to be low?

Low Iron in the blood and Anima are common causes.

What does a high lymph count mean?

I have a lymph count of 63.9 and neutrophil 24.8 Is there any danger in this? Also my white blood count is low also - 3.3

What causes a low blood count?

A lack of iron tends to result in low blood count.

What causes high wbc high segs and segs abs but low lymph count in a blood count panel?

lower-right abdominal pain, at least that gave me those same results...

What causes a low blood protein count?


Can low white blood cell count cause lymph nodes to swell?

Low WBC count is often a sign a viral infection. And, yes, viral infections can often cause enlarged lymph nodes.

Is lymphocytopenia a malignant tumor of the lymph nodes?

No, lymphocytopenia is an abnormally low white blood cell count.

What is the cause low red blood cell count?

Low red blood cell count can have many potential causes. These include blood loss, nutritional deficiencies, and hemolysis.

What causes low lymph auto?

Low lymph auto cause is immunity problem

What causes a low white blood count and a low lymphocyte absolute count?

White Blood Cell count less than 500 places the patient at risk for a fatal infection.

What are the causes low white blood cell count?

Neophilia can be the reason you have a low blood count. But there are many reason why you can have a low count. Fighting an infection, loss of WCB due to drugs taken (imuran) (pregnasone).

What causes you to have a low platelet count in your blood?

A low platelet count, or what is called thrombocytopenia, can have many causes. There are conditions such as ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura to more benign causes. Further testing may be needed, depending on how low your platelet count is. Consult your physician.

What could be the cause of a low white blood count and a low red blood count?

Low blood.

What does a low red blood cell count cause?

A low red blood cell count causes anemia, while a reduction in the number of platelets makes the person susceptible to excessive bleeding.

What is the significance of a high neutrophil count and a low lymph count?

high neutrophils- bacterial infection

What is the effect of bleeding?

Anemia or low red blood cell count causes fatigue and dizziness.

What causes low wbc?

Illnesses and disease can cause low white blood cell count. This is determined by doing a blood test and being evaluated by a doctor.

What causes Low red blood cell count?

Anemia could be a cause of low red blood cells which is caused by hemoglobin under the normal levels.

What causes enlarged red blood cells low white count and low platlets?

Aplastic anemia can cause abnormally enlarged red blood cells, low white blood cell count and low platelets. The standard treatment for aplastic anemia is vitamin b-12 injections.

What causes low white cell count in horses?

A low white blood cell count is of concern and your vet should be looking into it further. A high white blood cell means that your horse is fighting infection.

What causes low red blood counts?

there are many causes of low red blood cell count. In general, it may be caused by underproduction of red blood cells, bleeding, hemolysis and even not enough number of normal hemoglobin.

What does it mean to have a low blood count and how does it affect your health?

A low blood count refers to the number of blood cells that are counted after a blood test. Low blood count can affect your health by causing fatigue, and other maladies.

What Causes of low white blood count in children?

Not getting enough protein from meat, reduces the iron intake, which causes the problem

What does low absolute lymph mean?

Low absolute lymph means there are fewer lymphocytes than normal per volume of blood.

What causes a low iron count?

Just had full blood couunt nooow have to have serum feritton test why