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ur face

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Q: What causes a ping and no accleration when the gas pedal is pressed fully while driving in a 4.0L 1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?
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What causes a whistling sound when driving but stops when the brakes are pressed?

The whistling sound made by your car could be caused from brake dust. Another reason may be from a bad wheel bearing that needs to be replaced.

What causes back firing on Ford Explorer?

What causes back firing on a ford explorer and it to idle rough and want to cut out when you try to give it gas.

Which activity causes the greatest risk of driving fatalities?

Driving while distracted

What causes Lower middle abdominal pain and tenderness when pressed?

what vauses abdominal tenderness ?

What causes a bad miss in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

The engine

What key when pressed in the boot phase causes Windows 95 to enter safe mode?


What causes a car to shut down while driving?

when the engine dies

What causes a tire to go in and out when driving?


Driving at 50mph or above what causes a loud knocking clicking sound?

Driving at 50mph or above what causes a loud knocking clicking sound during acceleration?

What are the causes of hard starting a 1991 Ford Explorer?

The #1 cause of hard starting a 1991 ford explorer is having lost your keys

Are hallucinogens a type of drug that causes impairment when driving?

Yes hallucinogens will impair your driving ability

What causes high revving in a ford explorer Eddie Bauer edition?

bepends on the year but most of the time tranny slippage if it happes wile driving and you are in od. if it happens when you put it into gear the fluid might be low or not the correct type

What causes hesitation while driving?

mobile phones

What causes a car to Jake when driving?

Do you mean JERK?

What causes a 96 ranger to flood?

Driving it into water

What are some major causes of collisions?

drunk driving

Why causes the shifting gear to lock on my Honda civic 2006?

If it "locks" when youre driving, then its for your own good. Most (if not all) auto-trannys can be put into neutral while going forward, but they cant be put in reverse unless you have the break pedal pressed all the way down.

What causes 2005 Ford Explorer to run too cool?

My 1995 Ford Explorer was running cooler on the temperature gauge and it turned out to be my thermostat

What causes your car to shut down while driving?

A lot of possible causes, I recommend a careful investigation.

List of causes of road accidents?

Some of the main causes of road accidents include over speeding and distractions from texting while driving or doing other things while driving. Unroadworthy vehicles and bad weather are also common causes.

What causes the the ABS lamp is on when driving?

low brake fluid

What are the the advantages for driving while on the phone?

Distracting, and causes deaths.

What causes a car to wreck when turning?

Driving to fast for conditions.

Why does eye starts watering while person is driving-?

When driving, the cataracts start developing which causes the eye to start watering.

What causes dash security light to flash even when driving 2002 GMC Sierra 1500?

The security module has gotten confused. To correct, disconnect the the hot lead of the battery for about 3 minutes and then reconnect it. This resets the module and the light should not be on until the remote security lock button is pressed.