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The bomb

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Q: What causes a short buzzing noise every once in a while when the car is off?
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How can you tell if your fuel pump is going out?

turn key to on position and listen for a short buzzing noise where your pump is usually in the gas tank

What is impulse noise in an image?

Impulse noise is a short duration noise.

What are the examples of external noise?

examples of internal noise.thermal noise,short noise,i/f noise

Buzzing noise from light fixture?

A buzzing noise from a standard incandescent lighting fixture can be caused by a short in the lighting circuit (which is dangerous), or in some cases it can happen using a rheostat that is not all the way on or all the way off. The larger the physical size (not necessarily wattage) of the filament, the more likely it is to buzz using a dimmer -- these bulbs are designed for 120 volts, and using a rheostat gives less voltage to the lamp.A tube fluorescent fixture can make a buzzing noise if the ballast (small electrical box inside the fixture) is beginning to fail.Some outdoor fixtures are inherently noisy, such as a sodium arc lamp. In this case, there is really nothing to be done about it.

What causes a short circuit?

-circuit damage -overheating -fire or explosion causes a short circuit.

What causes my 2001 Expedition fuse 15 to blow every time I replace it?

There is a electrical short somewhere...

what causes you to have a short bowel movement?

what causes your bowel movement to be short in length

What causes noise in Honda Accord 2001 when ignition key is switch on?

You are more than likely hearing the electric fuel pump running. If it is noisy then it will fail in short order.

What noise does a drum make?

a short bold sound

How does a plant reduces noise pollution?

when it winds, the plants, leaves etc sways.. For short the leaves makes noise which makes the trees and plants noise.

What causes a short circuits?

-circuit damage -overheating -fire or explosion causes a short circuit.

Short term causes of the English Civil War?

the short term causes were that king charles was cool

What is squeaking?

Short high pitched noise such as made by a rat.

Write a short note on the harmful effects of noise pollution?

no answer

Why do you have worms in your toilet cistern?

They are most likely larvae for a small fly. If you have gnats buzzing around dry it out and they will die off in short order.

What is the Name for noise which interferes with reception of a radio channel?

Static is the noise Occurs mainly on short, long and medium wave reception

Long term and short term of noise pollution?

this is when people do things

Tell me about pollutio Air polullutio noise pollution water pollution and land pollution on short parahraph?

Tell me about air polullution noise pollution water pollution and land pollution on short paragraph?

What are long term and short term causes?

Short term causes are what happened on the day long term is what happened in advance

You keep trying to replace a fuse on your 1988 camaro but every time it touches the box it blows what causes this?

You have a short circuit that keeps blowing the fuse. Find and repair the short before putting a in new fuse.

Why FM is less prone to noise?

FM radios suppress short term changes in amplitude and are therefore much less prone to noise.

What were the Short term causes for Bloody Sunday?

The short term causes were:The partition of IrelandInternmentCivil Rights movement - NICRA

Crown Victoria dome comes on dim and a buzzing is heard under the dash. What could be the problem?

just had that problem, your battery is going! my batt totally flatlined & there was a buzzing/clicking from under the dash sounds like a short but my mechanic popped in a new battery and problem dissapeared!

How would you describe the noise made by Kuriboh from Yu-Gi-Oh?

The noise made by kuriboh can be described as a short high hum

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