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Hey Dennis==If it is an electric fan, it is probably the brushes in the motor squeeking. Not to worry.GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-16 12:03:21
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Q: What causes a squeaking sound when you turn the fan on in a Toyota Corolla?
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What causes a squeaking sound of a 1991 Toyota 2wd truck when revving at high rpm?

bad or going bad alternator belt

Toyota Lexus make a squeaking sound when i press the brakes?

Get it checked out by a Qualified Toyota Lexus mechanic.

Why do you get this squeaking sound each time you push the brakes'What causes this?

Vibrations that come through the breaks squeaking can cause the irritating squeaking that we have come to know. The high frequency of the vibrations results in the high pitch squeaking. Alternatively, the squeaking can come from the disc that secures the brakes, when the vehicle is coming to a stop.

What do weasels sound like?

They have a high squeaking sound!

What is the Ticking sound upon acceleration and idle in my 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Ticking on acceleration is usually the ignition timing, get it tuned..

Is squeaking sound an adjective?

Squeaking sound is two words. One of them is an adjective and one is a noun. Which one is a person, place or thing? That's the noun. Which one described that thing? That's the adjective.I'm sure you have figured out that a sound is a thing and that squeaking describes what kind of sound it is.

What might be causing a loud rumbling vibration near the engine when you start up a 1996 Toyota Corolla especially when the sound is worse in the cold?

bad engine mout....i had same on a 1994 corolla

What noise do dolphins make?

a squeaking sound

What is the name of sound made by mice?


What is a homophone for creek?

Creak- a squeaking sound.

What causes your car to make a squeaking sound when backing up?

Could be brakes or if rear wheel drive could be a "U" joint going bad

What kind of animal makes a squeaking sound?

a mouse....?

What does creak mean?

to make a sharp, or squeaking sound.

What is the squeaking sound under the hood?

belt slipping?

What causes a squeaking noise from car engine when first started?

I have a 2004 c230 and I had a squeaking noise when the engine first started. It was my water pump with uneven wear on the water pump pulley that was causing the sound. I will tell you it could be many different things, but this was my reason.

What do you call the sound that a hyena makes?

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Having trouble starting your Toyota Corolla?

Having trouble starting my 93 corolla it has battery power lights come on but it just makes a clicking sound and when I keep trying the starter kicks over verry slow what part do I have to change

How can you tell if you need a new driveshalf?

Vibration and/or a rotating squeaking sound.

How do you repair a knocking sound in a 1991 Toyota Corolla that sounds like a connecting rod or push rod?

If it is a connecting rod or bearing--be prepared to put in a new motor

What would be wrong when a 1993 Toyota corolla starts making a knocking sound when accelerating but then wont accelerate at all and still makes the knocking sound?

Might be a cracked vacumn hose, there are plenty, and the age is about right for this to happen.

What causes a 91 corolla to sound like metal on metal when turning the key?

That sounds like the starter isn't hitting the flywheel like it suppose to!

If the engine has a bad bearing how will it sound?

You'll most likely hear a knocking sound or squeaking of some kind

What causes a squeaking sound when driving sounds like its coming from around the left front tire area 84 Chevy impala?

You may need to check your brakes or the rollers on your brakes

What is the cause of fan belt giving squeaking sound?

Belt is loose and slipping

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