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What causes engine oil to turn white?


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WATER. This indicates a blown head gasket. Damage has been done to the engine in the form of overheating and the head gasket(s) have blown. Water therefor has leaked into the oil. Replacing the head gaskets is the way to repair this motor.

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You have water in your oil. Possibly from condensation. Run the engine only long enough to warm the oil and change it.

The engine turns off when the oil cap is removed because the engine is designed to do so. When the oil cap is removed a vacuum leak is created which causes the engine to turn off.

Flushing sludge from your engine is not a very smart thing to do. Almost every automotive technician will agree with that. Flushing out an engine causes all the sludge to drain down into the oil pan. Which in turn tends to plug up the oil pick up and causes engine damage.

oil getting by the rings causes white smoke and oil dripping out of the tailpipe.

Oil contains detergents that clean your engine and suspend soot, deposits, & dirt in the oil. The air and oil filters remove most of the larger particles but some get in the engine and stay suspended in the oil which causes it to turn black. Oil is not only a lubricant and helps cool the engine, but it also keeps the engine clean.

This is most likely a severe failure somewhere internally in the engine that resulted in coolant in the oil. different root causes are probable. oil should be checked regulary (do a oil sampling) after it has been replaced.

when the engine cools moisture in the oil condensates in the oil dipstick tube. Some times changing the PVC valve will solve this. Unless it is severe then dont worry about it

blue smoke is oil. white smoke is water. black smoke is unburnt fuel

the engine is burning oil. blue smoke oil white smoke antifreeze black smoke excess fuel

Any vehical which emits white smoke out the back means there is a problem with the engine burning oil. Check the tail pipe to see if it is dripping a mixture of water and oil.

White smoke coming out of a vehicle means you need to either get your oil changed or the oil you have is too small of a weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your engine is warmed up and blowing white smoke , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , or a warped or cracked head

An engine that burns oil will usually foul the spark plugs. That, in turn will cause ignition misfire, higher emissions and likely damage the catalytic converter.

take the spark plugs out then turn the engine on

Yes, it can turn the light on for the wrong oil.

Bad piston rings. Get new engine.

this is usually engine coolant leaking in

Usually that's oil left in the combustion chamber. That is, if it's happening only when you start the engine

The engine will seize and lock up way before it gets hot enough to turn oil to ash.

oil is milkey white or foamey

If the fluid is murky, brown, smells like rubber, goopy, or if the fins have white, crusty deposits on them, you've got circulation problems, and likely corrosion problems inside the engine

If you are asking about the drain plug you turn it counterclockwise.

This can happen on a high compression engine (especially diesel) when the oil is not changed often enough. The fuel blow-by from the rings causes fuel to mix with the oil and "coke up" , creating oil that looks almost like asphalt.

oil pump/ main bearings/ severe oil leaks/

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