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it would have 2 b a exaust leak or the little hose going 2 your breather element isn't attached properly

Answercould be your cat as well

Damaged or restricted exhaust system components; Restricted, loose or burned out muffler.

straight out, go to an exhaust shop. u have a leaky exhaust

AnswerNo who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.
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Q: What causes exhaust fumes to smell in the car?
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Who causes car exhaust fumes?

No who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.

Why do i smell exhaust fumes in my 260z?

There may be a hole in your exhaust system causing fumes to leak into the car. This can be dangerous and should be fixed immediately.?æ

What are exhaust fumes from cars an example of?

exhaust fumes of a car

What are causes of car polluting?

A car pollutes by emitting fumes from the exhaust. The less efficient a car is, the worse the pollution is.

How do you know if your car has exhaust fumes coming into the car when it is on?

exhaust is pretty easy to smell. If you smell it, then you likely do, also check the rear end of the car for possible places where the exhaust can get into. a battery powered carbon monoxide detector will also work

Why would you only smell gas fumes in the car when it is idling?

exhaust leak or a possible fuel line leak

Why can I smell exhaust fumes inside my car?

Your exhaust may be leaking slightly at the front. The fumes can easily end up in the car this way. Exhaust gasses are poisonous so you should get it looked at as soon as you can. Another cause could be that a breather pipe has come of the engine or air box.

Why does your car give off a smell like exhaust after it is turned off?

Could be a leak in the manifold, or a hole in the exhaust, and when you stop the car there is no pressure blowing off the fumes, so it floats up into the car.

Why are there no exhaust fumes coming from your car?

your exhaust may be jammed

What is the discharge of fumes from a car?


What do you do when you smell fumes?

If you smell fumes, you should get out of the room, car, or house. Opening windows will help get rid of the smell.

Why would you smell exhaust fumes in a car only when the heater is on?

If the car heat has a fresh air setting, then it could be drawing air from outside of the vehicle. The fumes are most likely coming from a problem under the hood.

Why do i Smell gas outside car not inside?

Take a second, lightly sniff gasoline fumes before its been burned, then compare with exhaust fumes, and see which you are smelling. Exhaust fumes you'll naturally smell around an idling car. unburned gasoline could be the result of an improperly set carb, mixing the wrong amounts of fuel and air, leaving you with unburned gasoline that is boiled, evaporated, and spit out the exhaust. Too much evaporated gas turns your exhaust black, so ive been told, so there could be a sign.

Can exhaust fumes kill if car is in the open air?


Is car exhaust fumes harmul to our body?

it will kill you

What health issuse with car exhaust fumes?


How do you make a sentence using exhaust?

You kids exhaust me! That exhaust fumes from that car are choking me.

What gases are in car exhaust fumes?

Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide are contained in car exhaust fumes. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas that if too much is breathed in, you die.

What happens when the exhaust on a car goes bad?

Well if you have a hole in your exhaust like rite under your car, it is able for the exhaust fumes to get into your car and kill you ;P

Is there some sort of tool that you can use to test the interior of a car for exhaust fumes if the mechanic says it is fixed but you can still occasionally smell some slight fumes?

You can use a carbon monoxide detector if you suspect a dangerous level of exhaust inside your car. They are available at Wal-Mart, Target,, etc.

Do car exhaust fumes harm an unborn child?

No, since they're not actually breathing the fumes.

Is car fumes with funny smell dangerous?

Yes a car's exhaust is deadly if breathed in a closed environment for awhile. You will get a headache and dizzy at first, these are signs that your brain is being starved for air.

What is the main gas in car exhaust fumes?

Carbon monoxide

How can you make a sentence with noxious?

The car's exhaust fumes are noxious!

Are lead compounds found in car exhaust fumes?