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What causes inner thigh rashes?


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Sweat rash can be a cause. Use talcum powder between your thighs on hot or humid days. Obese individuals are more inclined to develop rash due to increased friction along the folds of skin. Reducing weight can alleviate rash along with several other health benefits.

Wearing proper fitting undergarments can also stop this, (for males) when your boxers or other undergarments, or even pants and shorts dont fit right the stitching of the inside crotch seam rub and also cause rash.

Jock itch can cause inner thigh rash. The rash is caused by a fungus, T rubrum, which starts at the intersection of the groin and thigh usually on both sides. The rash can advance further down the thigh if not treated properly.

The rash can appear to be scaly with redness near the fold of the groin. Away from the groin it can be reddish-brown and less or not scaly at all.

OTC Treatments:

  • Tinactin
  • Lotrimin
  • Micatin


  • Wear loose fitting clothing made of cotton.
  • Do not sharing clothing, towels or washcloths.
  • Dry the groin completely after showering.
  • Use antifungal powders or sprays once a day.

I found that powders, however fine, still are abrasive. If the rash is just caused by friction, balmex (for diaper rashes!)is wonderful to remove the redness and stinging. For long walks, denim seems to stay put better than lighter weight fabrics.

I found with all the solutions on the market that address rubbing, sticky and itchy discomfort on the body, (especially the upper inner thighs) Eventually will lead to chafe and rashes. Many related anti-chafe cremes, gels, lotions, sprays, etc. don't last long, Nor do they slim down those bulging areas that make contact rubbing. In addition, Support Garments are too confining and warm... but a New Product called "Thigh Sliders" does address all these issues, in a thin, light weight adhesive area shield. Whether your active, inactive, bedridden, or wheelchair constrained, (men, women and children) who are suffering, will find area support, coverage, relief and comfort... That is, until time is found to exercise, loose those inches and firm up those areas. Thigh Sliders are so soothing on the skin, you will forget they're on. They're also washable, and reusable up to 4 weeks... Read more at

Shapewear and bike shorts are ok in cooler weather but in the summer i don't like extra clothes making me hotter i found a product called secret shield at that works great for me. i wear it on my inner thighs to prevent chafing.


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A local allergic reaction to some material chafing the leg, much as inner thigh rashes are caused by sweaty thighs chafing one another when walking fast or when overweight.

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baby powder helps but it does not make it go away. but try it!

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i know it causes pimples on the face but i have never heard of a rash on your thigh unless you need to be checked for an allergy.

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COULD be chafing but it might not be

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Yes, herpes can occur on the inner thigh.

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