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What causes knocking in drain pipes when hot water drains?

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materials tend to expand when they get hot, and that is true for sewer pipe material as well. Whether it's cast iron or ABS, the pipes will try to expand when they get hot and when they try to get longer they'll slide across wood or other materials. The "knocking" noise is the pipe fitting tightly against the wood and when the pipe has expanded enough it moves suddently and for a short distance, producing a "pop" type of sound. If you can expose the pipe you can cut out the wood where it is tight and possibly put in other material so that the pipe doesn't rub so hard.

2006-07-27 14:28:58
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Q: What causes knocking in drain pipes when hot water drains?
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Features drains metal pipes etc?

The drain metal pipes are usually coated and galvanized because of the hard water.

What is an over flow drain?

They are secondary drains that work in tandem with the primary pipes to prevent overflows.

Can baking soda unclog drains?

If you add baking soda and vinegar in a drain the reaction will help un-clog or clean out your drains, however do not use to much or you could damage your pipes.

How is muriatic acid used to clean bath tub drains?

Do not use acid on any drains in the house. They can eat holes in the pipes and cause severe discoloration on chrome fittings that are visible. If you were to use a drain cleaner use an enzme based product that is safe on pipes.

How do scorpions get in drains?

Scorpions can get into drains through open pipes. Make sure all your pipes are covered properly and are not broken.

Is there a product I can put in the drains to clear pipes of hairs?

Drain-o works very well. You can find this product at your local grocery store.

Why should chemicals never be dumped down drains?

it can eventually leach into the soil and also can drain into area waters that are used for human and or animal consumption. It causes the death of fish and fowl also. if it is a caustic or corrosive chemical it can also eat holes in your drain pipes and then you have a plumbing nightmare!

How do auxins cause hydrotropism?

Roots show positive hydrotropism and grow in the direction of water. This tropism causes problems in many cities where tree roots grow toward the drain pipes, and grow into the cracks, and plug up the drains. Hydrotropism causes plants to bend or turn toward water.

Who fixes water pipes and drains?

A plumber

What metal is used to cover drain pipes?

Most drain pipes are made of copper

What causes bad smells in drain pipes bathrooms?

poor or incorrect pipe ventilation is the main cause for bad smells . another problem will be the slope of the pipes

When the toilet flushes it responds normally however after a few minutes the bowl drains completely of water there does not appear to be any leaks anywhere?

Check for a clogged air gap (the pipes that run from the large drain pipes to the roof of the house).

Why does the kitchen sink drain and all other drains clog?

It could be bad plumbing, ie. pipes with insufficiant fall on them slowing the flow and causing the second most common cause, grease, to build up in the pipes. Rodding with a drain spring may remove any blockage along with very hot water or a proprietory drain cleaning solution.

Who fixes problems with the drains and pipes in your house?

a plumber

how to locate clean out drain my house was built in 1963 I have no clue where to look.?

To clean out the main drain line, find the clean-out plugs located on the large drain pipes. Look for these plugs on the vertical pipes in your basement or crawl space. In some houses these drains may be located in a garage or pantry closet, or there may be access to these plugs outdoors along the foundations of your house. Usually these pipes will be vertical, but occasionally a plug may be located on a horizontal pipe.

Camera To Locate Drain Blockage?

form_title=Camera To Locate Drain Blockage form_header=8113 Are the drains clogged in other areas of the house when the water is turned on there?*= () Yes () No Why must a camera be used to diagnose your plumbing problems?*= [] Clogged or slow drain [] Suspect breakage in joints [] Suspect roots have penetrated pipes [] Suspect clogged pipes [] Inspection for a real estate transaction [] Other

Will hair extensions cause clogged drains?

Here are 7 Reason For Clogged Drains1. Blocked Drains from Hair2. Blocked Drains from Plants and Dirt3. Blocked Drains from Grease Build-up4. Blocked Drains from Toiletries5. Blocked Drains from Heavy Rain and Storms6. Blocked Drains from Broken Pipes7. Blocked Drains from Poor Water FlowContact West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service at ☎231-739-7423 to get a free estimate for the cleaning of your drainage system to prevent future problems.

What size waste water pipes do you use in a house?

4 inch is the most common, 3 inch can be used. That is for the main drain. Secondary drains can be 1 1/2 or 2 inch.

Is something wrong when the toilet gurgles when the bathtub is draining when you are on a well and septic system?

When a basin drains and causes gurgling sounds in other basins -- or the toilet, in this case -- it is usually a sign that a vent pipe is clogged or obstructed. The air being displaced in the drain pipe of the bathtub has nowhere to go if the vent is clogged and is being forced up through other drain pipes.

What causes dirty water to come out of your toilet and in the drain of your bath tub?

Blocked or dirty pipes. id call a plummer ASAP.:)

Will using drain cleaners to often harm my pipes?

Some drain cleaners wil harm plastic pipes if used excessively.

Can drano be used in plumbing pipes outside?

You must mean in DRAIN pipes. -It can not be used in plumbing pipes.

Drains N Pipes Plumbing in Columbus, OH?

I had a water pipe break on a Friday afternoon, when I was expecting company the next day. I called Drains N Pipes and they were able to come out and repair my pipe immediately. The plumber they sent was very nice and had my pipes repaired and was out the door in under an hour. The rate they charged was fair and I am very happy with their service. I will be recommending Drains N Pipes to all my friends.

What dissolves rust in drain pipes?

Nothing dissolves rust in drain pipes. Once pipes become so old and rusty that they constantly keep blocking up, its time to replace and install PVC waste pipes.

How do i clear a plugged drain in a kitchen sink?

Clogged drains are caused by the accumulation of sticky material in the water pipes. Many times stuff like hair, food, plastic pouches.. gets stuck in the pipes and starts accumulating. Because of this the water from the kitchen or shower sink takes time to drain. Many times the drain pipes emit foul odor. Once the pipes are blocked, either the water stops draining from the sink or the debris starts coming out of the sink and toilets. The clogged water may also start leaking and also rust the pipes.[Source:A-General Plumbing and Sewer Service]