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What causes liver spots?

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As the sun damages our skin, excess melanin forms deposits in our skin, causing liver spots. They are very effectively removed with laser treatment.

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What causes white spots on the liver?


What causes black spots on the liver?

There are a number of reasons for spots on the liver. Some causes of liver legions could be from Hemangioma (a benign tumor composed of abnormal blood vessels that form during development in the womb), Liver Adenoma (another benign tumor from from the abnormal growth of liver cells), Granuloma (inflammatory tissue possibly caused from an infection) or other non-life threatening causes. The most dangerous cause could be liver cancer or metastatic liver.

Why are liver spots called liver spots?

Because they have the shape and color of a liver

What does it mean when you have spots in your liver?

Spots on your liver determines that the liver could be infected or have inflammatory reactions. Test done by doctors are able to find the cause of the spots.

What is the technical term meaning liver spots?

Liver spots are technically called senile lentigo.

What do spots represent on the liver?

Spots are a sign of insipid liver failure resulting in jaundice and anoxic conditions in the bloodstream.

What are flat brown spots on hands and ankles?

Build up of pigmentation. They're called liver spots, but have nothing to do with the liver.

What are the three spots on Mr Burns' head?

Liver spots.

What disease puts dry spots on a liver?

It is liver cirrhosis because it can cause scarring of the liver.

What color of spots would a purebred Dalmatian have besides black?

Liver spots

Is it safe to eat turkey liver with black spots on it?

That depends on what the black spots are.

What is punctate calcification of the liver?

Hard spots

White spots on liver?

There are a number of reasons why white spots would be on a person's liver such as inflammation, cysts, and even fatty liver disease. A doctor can determine what is the cause and prescribe medication accordingly.

Are Dalmatian puppies always white?

Dalmatian puppies are born pure white. Within a few weeks there spots start to appear. There spots can be black, brown or liver coloured. The most popular being black, then brown, then liver. It is farely rare to have liver coloured spots.

What do yellow spots on hand mean?

liver porblem

What is white spots in the liver of wild rabbits?


What causes sclerosis of the liver?

Are you thinking of cirrhosis of the liver?

What causes liver lesion?

What causes liver lesions? Alcoholism or and related diseases, or internal injury

What causes liver damage in SBS?

The main two causes of liver damage are alcoholism and hepatitis.

How do you remove liver spots?

"liver spots", usually showing up on the hands are (usually) caused by sun damage. They can be removed by laser therapy. Somewhat painful (depending your "pain" threshold) ---but are quite successful. I just went through it -- and all of the "liver spots" on my hands are gone. Talk to your dermatologist about this procedure.

What causes pus?


What color spots besides black does a purebred dalmatian have?


What do liver spots and freckles have in common?

both contain melanin

What causes hot spots on earth?

The flow of molten magma is what causes varying hot spots on Earth. Hot spots are also known to heat water beneath the ground.

What causes age spots?


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