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its cause by being pregnant

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Q: What causes lower stomach and lower back pain together?
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What causes lower back pain that goes to the stomach and give diarreha and nausa?

I can you provide me with an answer on my request. Thank you

What causes lower left back pain and stomach pain?

Can lower back pain be cause by stomach bloating It could be an acute fungal infection, an STI or a sever urinary tract. Or perhaps signs of pregnancy, best to visit your gynaecologist.

What are the most frequent back pain lower right side causes?

Back pain lower right side causes are: Lower back and kidney disorders.

What are some lower back pain causes?

There are many lower back pain causes. Some of the causes of lower back pain includes different injuries to the area as well as something called degeneration.

What causes burning sensation in the stomach and back?


What causes burning and pain in stomach and back?

This may not be helpful but if your stomach burns it means you have a lot of acid in you stomach.

What could cause a fatty deposit in lower back?

what causes a fatty lump in the lower back

What causes pain in your front right stomach going to your back and down your leg?

i have pain going from my lower back right side that wraps around the front going down my right knee and leg.

What causes pain to the lower part of the back?

a hammer

What causes pains in lower back?

Sitting badly

What are some of the causes of chronic lower back pain?

Some causes of chronic lower back pain are arthritis and improper posture. Other causes may be daily strain on the lower back muscles, for example from too much lifting, and sometimes a ruptured disc.

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