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  • Radon Gas
  • Asbestos
  • Viruses

mostly smoking though

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Q: What causes lung cancer other than smoking?
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What Percentage of people with lung cancer are affected?

Smoking causes more than 85% of lung cancer and other cancers. There are other ways to get it too, but smoking is a big deal when it comes to lung cancer. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!

What are the causes of lung cancer?


Causes of lung cancer?


What causes you to get lung cancer?

Lung cells becoming cancerous, Smoking can increase your risk of lung cancer

What are the causes of lung cancer other than smoking?

2nd hand smoke

Why is smoking not good for you?

causes lung cancer

What are the main causes of lung cancer?


What are some causes of lung cancer?


What causes lung cancer other then smoking?

90% of Lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. The other 10%: Passive Smoking Asbestos Fibers Radon Gas

What are the Cancers that smoking causes?

Lung cancer and mouth cancer, definitely.

Does smoking only cause lung cancer?

No. It causes MANY other health issues, increases your risk for throat cancer and heart disease. And of course lung cancer.

What diseases can you get from smoking cigerattes?

Smoking causes stroke, lung cancer, throat cancer, tumors, oral cancer, emphysema, blindness, heart attack, and other diseases.

What are the American Cancer Society's views on smoking?

The cancer society's view on smoking is that smoking causes at least 80% of lung cancer deaths

Why smoking is not a good idea?

It causes lung cancer and death.

Do smokers enjoy smoking?

Yes! But they don't like dieing from cancer and lung problems and all the other things smoking causes

Conclusion on smoking?

Smoking causes lung cancer and other types of cancer like throat cancer. The tar products that are used to process cigarettes are worse than the tobacco itself.

Can smoking cause a non-communicable disease?

Smoking causes you lung cancer. That is not communicable.

What is one health problem associated with smoking a pipe?

Smoking causes lung cancer.

What is lung cancer and the treatments for it?

The major cause of lung cancer is strongly correlated with smoking cigarettes. Pipe and cigar also causes cancer. An increased risk of developing lung cancer is passive smoking, the inhalation of tobacco smoke from other smokers. Exposure to asbestos fibers is linked to lung cancer. Air pollution can increase the likelihood of developing lung cancer. And genetics also plays a part.

What might cause lung cancer?

Some causes of lung cancer are smoking, or inhaling harmful chemicals such as radon or asbestos.

How do you get lung cancer?

Lung cancer occurs when something stimulates cells in the lung or lungs to begin to multiply uncontrollably. The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking, although there are other causes, usually involving inhalation of foreign particles.What causes lung cancer? The biggest cause of lung cancer is smoking, approximately 36,000 people in the U.K. die from lung cancer every year, 90% of those lung cancer deaths are from smoking. If you are a non-smoker there is a risk that you can get lung cancer from passive smoking, though the risk is not as high than if you smoke yourself. Passive smoking could be responsible for several hundred, lung cancer cases every year. Another possible cause of lung cancer is exposure to certain chemicals and substances such as asbestos, radon gas and nickel, but this is very rare. Air pollution has also been suspected as a cause of lung cancer, but this has not been proved.

What year surgeon general smoking causes lung cancer?


What are two diseases smoking causes in your lungs?

lung cancer or copd

What are some major causes of cancer?

smoking that i think is for lung cancer though. That's all i no!

Why is smoking bad for teens?

It causes lung cancer, and other medical problems...and its just down right icky!