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When a liquid for example water, turn to a gas you need to add energy to it. Water turns to a gas by boiling it. water turns to steam when you are boiling it.

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What is the change of matter from gas to liquid?

The change of state of matter from a gas to a liquid is called condensation.

What are two ways matter can change?

Matter can change in a matter of ways, it can change from: * Condinsation (Gas to a Liquid) * Freezing (Liquid to a Solid) * Melting (Solid to a Liquid) * Evaporation (Liquid to a Gas)

What causes the change in state of matter from Gas to liquid?

Vaporization. Exaporaization and boiling are examples of vaporization.

What happens to the composition of matter during a physical change?

It can change from a gas to a solid to a liquid, or from a liquid to a solid to a gas. This change does not affect the composition of the matter.

When a matter change from gas state to liquid state?

When a matter changes from a gas to a liquid it is called condensation.

What is change of state?

This a change of the state of matter: examples: - solid to liquid - liquid to gas - gas to plasma

How does matter change from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas?

matter can be changed from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas because a solid can melt and turn into liquid and then the liquid can evaporate and turn into a gas

What are some examples of how matter can change form?

well u are half way there...... it is when the states of matter change from a gas to a liquid, liquid into solid, liquid to gas and more

What is it call when a gas changes to a liquid?

Condensation is a change in matter from a gas or vapor to a liquid.

What can liquid change into?

A solid, or even a gas. And back again (improved)liquid is a state of matter, which can be a solid, liquid, or gas. therefore, liquid can be changed into a solid or a gas. to do so, just change the temperature of the matter. :-D

What sre the changes of state?

The different types of matter are solid, liquid and gas. Which are states of matter. All of these can change by the temperature. Solid can change to liquid by heat. Liquid can change to gas by heat and evaporating. Liquid can change to solid by freezing. Gas, however, can't change into anything.

What causes the liquid to change into a gas?

Liquid changes to gas by means of evaporation. When the energy increases the temperature of a liquid, it turns into vapor or gas. Liquid can change to solid when cold and to gas when heated.

What name of matter change is from gas to liquid?

It's called condensation when a gas changes to a liquid

What causes matter to be in a solid liquid or gas state?

Generally the temperature of the material. Pressure can change the temperatures at which transformations occur.

How does matter changes its state?

the matter can change into liquid, solid and gas.

What causes the phase change from a liquid to a gas?

A liquid becomes a gas by evaporation this requires heat to be applied to the liquid

What is the phase change of matter from the gas to liquid form called?

Gas to liquid is condensation. Solid to gas is sublimation.

What is phase change in matter?

Solid --> Liquid --> Gas

What are three different ways matter can go through a physical change?

There are 3 common physical changes that matter can undergo: Melting -a change from a solid to a liquid Boiling/evaporation -a change from a liquid to a gas. Condensation -a change from a gas to a liquid

What are the changes in states of matter?

The states of matter are solid, liquid and gas. A solid melts to become liquid and a liquid evaporates to become gas. Sublimation is the direct change from solid to gas.

What causes a change in state from liquid to gas?

thats evaporation and heat causes it

Is evaporation a reversible change?

Yes, evaporation is the changing of matter from a liquid to a gas. You can reverse this process through condensation which is the change from a gas to a liquid.

Is a dry ice evaporating a physical change?

Of course. If you can change the solid to a gas you can turn the gas into a liquid then you can change the liquid into a solid. It is called changes of matter.

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