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the size of your hair folicle --- sometimes off herdity too...

2008-01-17 02:57:28
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Define pin curl and finger wave?

pin curl is where you curls are really tight and finger wave is slightly loser curls

Why did people want Wisconsin to become a state?

loser loser loser loser

When will max be straight?

never he likes pepe and always will hahah what a loser man

Who is a loser on WikiAnswers?

No one is a loser on WikiAnswers. Plus, it would be extremely rude to name people a loser, and would not be allowed on WikiAnswers.

What is a type of car that begins with a L?

loser Lexus loser lamborginie loser loser loser loser Lexus loser lamborginie loser loser loser

How could a 12 year old boy get a girlfriend if he is a loser?

The 12 year old needs to think he's not a loser. dont ask straight away. talk to them for a couple of eeks then when you feel ready ask her out. Believe in yourself. YOUR NOT A LOSER! lol

Where can you download the full version of Alice Greenfingers free with no time limits?

you can download it on are you a loser loser loser loser loser loser loserloserloserloser loserloser loser loser loser loser

Do more people watch Survivor or The Biggest Loser?

biggest loser! However things can change each year.

What is the abstract noun for loser?

The noun loser is a concrete noun as a word for people or things that fail to win a competition. The noun loser is an abstract noun as a word for people or things that seem destined to fail, a word for an opinion or judgement.

What are the chocolate molecules?

loser molcules loser molcules loser molcules loser molcules loser molcules loser molcules loser molcules

What is the show about people losing weight?

The Biggest Loser

What is the quality of life of people in Sudan?

loser ville

How did rossini influence people?

ya what ever loser

How would you know if you are a loser?

Different people have different meanings of Loser... Loser general means to have no friends due to lack of similarities or you have just been called a "Loser" by somebody "cooler", and I use the term losely, than you... It realy is a matter of opinion if you are a loser or not... and to be honest, only your opinion counts :D

Why do people say loser?

1) You can't spell LOSER. ---- 2) Because they're losers. It is just a new " cool " word.

How do you ask out a girl when you are thought of as a loser and she is really popular?

Stand up straight keep your head up don't think of your self as a loser but as cool as her and ask her will she be your girlfriend, use jokes all girls like to laugh

What is the loser of tictactoe called?

The loser is called a LOSER

What award did the loser get?

Nothing. It's their lost people get to boo at them.

What would people do in periods of high inflation?

550% loser

What did the roman people value and what was their culture like?

loser hgdrzzewazrffjhujlo

What is a band council?

it is when people get elected from diffrent bands loser

What are schools for deaf people called?

sinky loser world

How do people in china transport?

i don't know loser Haha

What is the meaning of the phrase sore loser?

basically a sore loser is someone who loses a match and blames people around him for the loss] e.g. stop throwing chess pieces at me you sore loser. thats basically it stupid.

How do you get people to think youre not a loser?

Join stuff, do something amazing, talk to some people. Some people think other people are losers because the "loser" is different. If you dress different, or act different, then stay different. Don't let people change you.