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brakes wore out maybe

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Q: What causes rubbing noises from the rear wheel of a Ford Escort?
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What causes a rubbing noise from front wheel well?

There are several things that could be causing this noise to come from your front wheel well. You could have a faulty wheel bearing, a brake could be dragging, or a hub is rubbing.

Groaning noise fwd front left wheel?

2 common causes for fwd front left wheel to make groaning noises. First it may be worn disc pads rubbing on the disc; thin disc etc Or more likely one or both axle bearings are lacking lubricant and starting to collapse

What causes a car to make rattling noises while driving?

bearings old tires shock observers steering wheel

What causes a creaking from the steering wheel at low speed?

You might possibly have a bent drive shaft, or if you have oversized tires they could be rubbing against the wheel wells

What if moving the steering wheel side to side with the car off causes a rubbing noise?

You may not have enough steering fluid?

What causes a rubbing noise when you turn your wheel to the left?

your tires could be to wide or to tall, or your suspension could be low or shot. :)

1998 ford escort zx2 how do you tilt the steering wheel?

The 98 escort zx2 did not come with a tilt steering wheel

Is the 2001 ford escort front wheel drive?

Yes , the 2001 Ford Escort is front wheel drive

What causes a front wheel to sound like it is rubbing?

Worn bearings, loose rotor, warped brake rotor, sticking brakes.

Ford Escort 1400 S reg Knocking noises driver side progressed to both sides steering wheel puling both right and left when going fast sounds like a machine gun certainly steering completely affected?

Where do I put Anti freeze in my escort ?

Is the 2001 ford escort 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive?

Front wheel drive ( 2 wheel )

What causes noises to front left axle on acceleration?

Possibly the wheel bearing, if it makes a whiring noise when you accel. Or cv-axel, if it sounds like its grinding.

Steering wheel making noise?

Steering wheel noises can be caused by low power steering fluid. A loose or worn belt or suspension problems can also cause a steering wheel to make noises when turned.

What causes a car to run rough after it sits then run smooth after you let it run awhile It does this in the morning and sounds like rubbing sound when you make a right turn?

The only way to find out is to take it to a mechanic who has an engine analyzer. The rubbing could be caused by a loose mudshield (or a dozen other things). For rubbing sounds, you might want to check the clearance inside the wheel wells when fully turned to the right. (Possible tire contact with either front fender.) Your mechanic can check for noises from the power steering as well.

What causes the humming sound in your Chevy 2005 Trailblazer when I accelerate?

There could be a few things that can cause this humming sound. It could be the wheel bearings rubbing, it could be the gears rubbing, it could even be coming from the engine pistons.?æ

Is a 1996 ford escort rear wheel drive?

no , it's front wheel drive

What are theTorque settings for front wheel bearing escort?

sorry a escort mk6 1800 diesal...cheers

Where is the horn on a 1989 Ford Escort?

on the 89 ford escort it should be on right hand wheel well.

What is the lug pattern on the wheel of the 95 escort?

its 4x100

Your front right tire went from a constant rotation sqeaking noise to a kind of rubbing noise your brakes are fine what else could it be?

Most times, the squeaking and rubbing noises are caused by brake pad wear, but you say the brakes are fine. Otherwise, if by constant rotation speed you mean the squeaking/rubbing noise is present even when the brakes are not applied, you might want to get the wheel bearing inspected

How can you tell when your wheel bearings need replacing?

You can tell when your wheel bearings need replacing is when they are making unusual noises. For example: squealing, groaning, chirping or cracking noises. If this happens, get it checked out right away.

Where is the horn on a 1998 Ford Escort se?

On the steering wheel :)

Is the Ford Escort XR3i 4 wheel drive?


Is a 1994 ford escort wagon front wheel drive?

Yes , it's front wheel drive

What size steering wheel does a 2001 ford escort zx2 have?

It has a steering wheel of 14 inch diameter.