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What causes swollen taste buds?


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There are many known causes for swollen taste buds. A few swollen taste buds causes are listed below

  • One of the basic causes for swollen taste buds is eating very hot food, that may irritate or burn the taste bud causing swelling.
  • Having very spicy or salty food is also known to cause swelling of the taste buds.
  • Exposure to toxins like alcohol, tobacco smoke, insecticides, etc.
  • Allergies to certain food stuffs or eating acidic foods like lemons, grapefruit, some sauces.
  • Another cause for swollen taste buds is a gastric condition called acid reflux disease.
  • Tongue ulcers or mouth ulcers due to thrush or any yeast infection can cause inflamed taste buds.
  • Certain mineral or vitamin deficiency like B complex vitamin deficiency can also cause swollen taste buds.
  • Other causes for swollen taste buds are trauma caused to the tongue or taste buds by biting, infection of the stomach or allergy that may cause inflammation to the entire esophagus.



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