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The RPM change affecting the light seems to indicate that it's the alternator. Perhaps it has a bad voltage regulator? Maybe it's not the right alternator for your car?

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Q: What causes the battery light to turn on above 2000 rpm and off below 2000 rpm when a new alternator and battery were installed on a Mercury Tracer two weeks prior?
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Why would the battery light be on on a 1998 Mercury Tracer?

Needs new alternator.

Why does my 1997 mercury tracer car battery light blinks on and off while the car is running?

If your 1997 Mercury Tracer has a battery light that blinks on and off while the car is running, it most likely means that the battery is not charging. This could be an issue with your alternator.

Is the battery light supposed to be on on a 1997 Mercury Tracer?


How do you change the alternator on a Mercury Tracer?

Remove the belt from your Mercury alternator. Remove the wiring harness from the alternator. Remove the retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new alternator.

What is a fair price to pay to change an alternator in a 1998 Mercury Tracer?

150$ to 200$

Where is the alternator on a 1993 mercury tracer?

the alternator will be on the end of the engine that has the drive belts or serpentine belts, alternators are belt driven.

How much is an alternator for a Mercury Tracer trio?

I just bought an alternator for my 99 mercury tracer from advance auto parts last night, it was $135 plus tax. as he scrolled down the screen of inventory, i saw them priced anywhere from $125 - $220.

What is the price range on an Alternator for a 1999 Mercury Tracer?

list is 203.67 and 8 tenths of a hour to change

When was Mercury Tracer created?

Mercury Tracer was created in 1987.

Timing diagram for a 96 mercury tracer?

need timing marks for 97 mercury tracer

Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Mercury Tracer?

Need to know where is the thermostat located on a 1996 mercury tracer.

Is a 1996 Mercury Tracer 1.9 a interference engine?

Is a 1996 mercury tracer 1.9 a interference engine?

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