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What causes the cycling bolt to damage the next bullet on a Marlin Papoose?

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โˆ™ 2006-07-27 16:10:15

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Damage it how? Bend the cartridge in the middle, push the bullet into the cartridge case as it tries to feed...

2006-07-27 16:10:15
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Q: What causes the cycling bolt to damage the next bullet on a Marlin Papoose?
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What causes a 22 caliber marlin 60 to jam?

lead ammo

What causes a bullet to spin from a rifle or handgun?

The grooves in the barrel.

What is ballistic spin drift?

Ballistic spindrift is when the spin imparted on the bullet causes a drift in the direction the TOP of the bullet is spinning in.

What causes a bullet to rotate on exit?

What causes it to rotate is the rifling in the barrel. What causes it to continue to rotate after it leaves the barrel is centrifugal force.

What causes a bullet to spin?

There are spiral grooves engraved on the inside of a rilfe or pistol barrel. When a bullet is fired, it is forced into those grooves, which impart a spin to the bullet. The grooves are called rifling.

What causes a hole in the head?

If you mean literally then a bullet, pole etc.

What causes the spinning of a bullet from a rifle or handgun?

Grooves in the barrel. That is called rifling.

What were Causes of World War 1 in bullet points?

Assasination of Franz Ferdinad?

What causes the bullet to spin froma rifle or handgun?

The grooves (rifling) cut into the barrel.

What causes the lever on a marlin rifle to come open by itself?

Part or parts malfunction. Get to a gun smith.

Could someone survive a bullet wound in the 1920s?

Yes, it's quite possible to survive from bullet wounds at any time including the 1920's, it all depends what injury the bullet causes, a flesh wound in the arm, leg, buttocks etc. is not usually fatal, if the bullet hits a vital organ such as the heart or brain, causes serious internal injuries or the wound becomes infected then you are in trouble.

How does the metal bullet go thought foils?

I suppose that the causes are the high energy, density and speed.

What the difference between a hollow point and a regular point bullet?

Hollow Point bullets have a hollow nose or an hole in the nose of the bullet. This causes the bullet to mushroom into a larger diameter when it hits something. A regular bullet is conical or blunt nose in shape. Some can be pure lead or can be jacketed with a bronze or copper coating.

What happens to k.e. of a bullet when ita penetrates into a target?

When the bullet penetrates into an object its velocity decreases very much or becomes 0 suddenly. This causes a change a momentum of bullet and impulse is applied. Technically the kinetic energy is converted to potential as a deformation occurs inside that object, transferring some of the kinetic energy into the object.

The main purpose of rifling features in a gun barrel is to?

It causes the bullet to spin which makes it go straighter.

A bullet traveling through the body causes tissue destruction through outward forces called?


Does rifling cause the bullet to rise?

It can. The rifling in the barrel causes the bullet to spin. This usually keeps the bullet moving relatively straight (because of gyroscopic stabilisation). However, as the bullet slows down at longer ranges, the spinning can cause it to wobble and drift. This is called spin drift. Spin drift can be upwards, so yes, rifling can cause a bullet to go up, but only at extreme ranges.

What causes the sound of a bullet?

Ok. So first there is the sound of the explosion in the bullet casing when the bullet goes off. Then when the bullet flies through the air and there is a slight sound. The sound is like when you whip something around so fast such a a rope. It goes so fast that it makes a wiffle sound like a wiffle ball. I hope this helped.

What causes a bullet To lose speed and fall to the ground?

Gravity and air resistance will both play a part. Air resistance is likely to reduce speed and gravity will cause the bullet to be pulled towards the ground.

What causes the spinning of a bullet when shot from a rifle or handgun?

Rifling. The barrel is not smooth on the inside. There are small grooves spiraling down the barrel which makes the bullet spin. Nearly all shotguns do not have rifling in the barrel.

What causes a bullet to make the exit hole bigger than the entry hole?

Projectile expansion or projectile tumbling.

If an object in motion will stay in motion what causes a bullet shot into the air to fall?

An object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by another opposing force. So gravity causes a bullet to fall back to the ground, but wind and air resistance cause the bullet to not fall strait back from where it came, aka one barrel. ____________ The above is true, only if Newtons theories are correct. If Newtons Theories are incorrect, then the bullet performs in the manner The Creator of all things and happensings decreed that it will. [see discussion on this comment]

What is purpose of rifling in a firearm?

Rifling causes the bullet to spin through the barrel and downrange. This spin stabilizes the bullet, allowing it to maintain a straight course to the target. Without the spin, accuracy would be dismal.

What causes a internal crack on plasma TVs?

Having a bullet-proof screen attached, and running it over with a truck usually does it for me.

What is th purpose of rifling a gun barrel?

Rifling a gun barrel causes the bullet to spin when it comes out. This makes the bullet fly more straight and greatly improves accuracy. Much like a spinning football spirals.