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Many taillight assemblies are equipped with bulbs with dual filaments, one for tail lights and one for brake lights. If you have one bulb with two filaments, then the problem you describe sounds like the brake light filament in the left bulb is burned out but the tail light filament is working.

2009-12-05 19:44:50
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What is brighter neon or led lights?

Neon lights

Are led tail lights better than normal tail lights?

The only difference between LED lights and normal lights is that LED lights are much brighter and are a brighter white than normal lights. Some find the brighter lights better, while others find the lights too bright.

How do I make my hid lights brighter?

There is definitely a way to make your HID lights brighter. To make your HID lights brighter, you can purchase and install xenon projectors or specifically designed reflectors. You also have the choice of upgrading your reflectors to halogen headlamps to make them even brighter.

What causes the fuse for the dash lights and tail lights to blow on a 1998 dodge stratus?

a shorted wire to car ground. May be the license plate light shorted. Don't rule that out.

Why are your dash lights are on in a 1992 Volvo 240 and get brighter when you rev the engine and dimmer when you brake?

You are experiencing a voltage regulation problem. If you look at your headlights during that rev period, they should appear brighter also. The taillights, during braking, load the electrical system and therefore, drop the voltage and cause the lights (all lights, they are most easily noticed) to dim. Go to an Advanced Autoparts store and have them test your charging system for free.

How do you make your dashboard lights brighter?

The little nozzle on the side by your head lights adjuster ;)

Why does the brake light stay on in a 1999 dodge stratus?

Brake lights could stay on in a 1999 Dodge Stratus because of a short in the wiring. If the headlamps are off and the brake lights are still on, check the wiring for the brake lights that is inside the trunk. Sometimes cargo in the trunk can interfere with the lights.

What are the benefits of using LED lights over incandescent lights?

From what I could find in my research LED lights seem to be brighter and easier on your cars charging system. They are placed inside the headlamp against a silver backing that also helps make them brighter.

Can my braking system disrupt my electrical system on my Toyota Tundra?

my dash lights blink and dim when braking/found t this was a ticoverter that rusted

What type of circuit will produce brighter lights is it series circular direct or parallel?

Parallel connections will draw more current than equivalent lights connected in series, so the parallel configuration will be brighter.

Who lights brighter bulb in a parallel circuit?

as in parallel circuits potentialdifference is same the bulb that is having least resistance glows more brighter

Are the Northern Lights brighter than the Southern and why?

No - they are equal, depending on solar activity.

Why do the driver's side boat trailer lights work for both turn signaling and braking however the passenger side is very dim and can hardly be seen?

There are two causes to this problem. Either (a) the braking light is out, or (b) there is a problem in the wiring of the lights. Check that the lamp socket is clear of corrosion and that it has a good ground. An ohm meter will be useful. Frequent immersion in water can cause connections to corrode.

Why don't your 91 ford explorer braking lights and blinkers work?

Check bulbs

Why are lights turned off in movies?

because the lights on the movie screen will appear brighter (you get the full effect of the colour on the big screen)

How do you replace the brake lights on a 2000 dodge stratus looked inside and do not see how you can get to the brake lights?

Often these are accessed thru the trunk; have you tried that?

What is wrong when no brake lights and all other lights work 2004 dodge stratus?

I tried all the fuses, the parts that under the brakes I checked that. All lights come on and working except the brake lights no break lights.

What is brighter flood lights or spotlights?

Neither, both can be brighter and dimmer based on the efficiancy it is set to. BUT spot light are a more concentrated light while flood lights are meant to "flood the stage" with light. hope this helps. ~theatre nerd

Which lights are the brake lights and which lights are the fog lights?

Fog lights are in the front; they are commonly referred to as "brights" because they are the brighter of the two standard headlights. Brake lights are in the rear; they light up when pressure is applied to the brakes or when the car is in park or reverse.

When gassing an engine the lights grow brighter but when idling the lights dim?

Your voltage regulator is shot. It is integrated in your alternator. You need to replace the alternator.

Why do bike lights get brighter when pedal faster?

If the lights are powered by a generator driven by the wheel, then you get more power from the generator the faster the wheels spin.

What is a G40 light bulb?

G40 lights are often used on Christmas trees. These lights are slightly bigger and brighter than traditional tree lights and are also safe to use outdoors.

What's the best energy efficient lighting?

The best energy efficient lights are LED lights. They are very small and use very little electricity, but they are brighter then most conventional lights.

Why do traffic lights look brighter at night than in the daytime?

Because you compare them to the brightness of the surroundings.

How do you get the tail lights to work on a 95 dodge stratus?

Probably going to need a new tailight assembly