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What causes the trac off light to come on?

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my trac off light comes on in my 2002 cavalier then the car cuts off, but will start back up minutes later then the check engine light will come on and they both stay on

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What causes the trac off light to come on in a 2003 Oldsmobile alero?

The Trac Off light will come on if you push the traction button located below the automatic gear shifter. If driving and the light comes on, as well as the check engine light, then there is a malfuntion with the system. If low trac comes on, it means just that. You have low traction! Hope this helps :)

Trac light came on saying trac is off?


What does it mean when the trac off light come on and stays on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

There should be a trac off button on the stearing wheel, when it is pushed to the off position, it makes the light come on. If it is set on the stearing wheel only when there is a issue with your tires should it come on. (Like if you going over very bumpy grounds)

2006 vsc trac off and check engine light is on?

How To Fix vsc,trac off and engine light on for 2009 Toyota Sienna

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3800 V6 Trac button won't turn on the trac off light How can I tell if there is a problem with the light or the trac and how do I resolve this issue?

The TRAC OFF light is usually caused by a problem in the ABS system. See the link TRAC OFF DESCRIPTION link below for more info.- TechJK -------------

What causes the trac off in 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

my trac light came on right before the car sputtered and died on side of highway. towed car home, replaced fuel pump and off i went

What does trac off light mean on a buick century?

When the trac light is off, on a Buick Century, the traction control monitoring system is disengaged. It is recommended to have the trac system engaged on wet roads.

What is wrong when the trac off light abs light and low tire light are all on continuously the tires are fine the trac button does not turn the trac on brakes are ok?

Problem with the ABS.

What causes the abs and trac off light to stay on and the service traction system light also?

There is a problem with a speed sensor. Go to a repair shop and have it diagnosed.jd

Chevy cavalier trac off light came on while driving and car turned off pulled over and wouldn't restart could running out of gas cause this gas was low?

I doubt that running out of gas will my the low trac light come on. I own an 02 Cavalier, and the trac light has to do with the amount of traction you have on any given surface. If you know a mechanic I would have them check it out.

Why is your 2001 Alero service engine light on trac off light and the ABS light on?


What makes the abs low tire press. and trac off light come on in a 1997 grand prix gt?

I have a 01 and and my ABS light and trac off light were on for over a year, I jus got it fixed...My rear wheel bearing sensor was bad, that's what made those lights come on and stay on in my car, but Im not sure about the low tire press.

Cavalier trac warning light?

Trhe TRAC warning light is usually caused by a problem in the ABS system. See the link TRAC OFF DESCRIPTION link below for more info.- TechJK --------------------

Why is your trac off light on in your Pontiac Grand Am?

You need a new front wheel bearing. Hook up to a computer to see which side it is. Alternative method is to wait until the light goes off and turn sharply both to the right and left if it cuts on in both directions you need both, otherwise it is the on the side that causes the light to come on.

How do you enter the radio code?

= Service Engine Soon flashing light and Trac Off light on =

In a Chevy cavalier what does it mean when the trac off light is on?

It means you have turned the Traction Control off.

Why does trac off light and abs light coming on Alero 1999 after drving for like 20 miles?

Ball bearings are faulty .ABS , trac off , and service engine soon lights all at once

What would cause a trac off warning light?

This light will come on when you turn the Traction Control off, or if there is a problem with the system. I would check your front wheel bearings. Are any other lights comming on, low tire pressure anti lock brakes? or maybe pressing the trac button under the shifter

What does the TRAC OFF light mean on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

Your car is equipped with Traction Control. This light means it is turned off.

What can you do to make the trac off light come off on a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

When it says, "low trac" that just means you are on very grassy ground, or on ice or snow... It's proven that there's nothing to worry about. Just pray for better weather if it's snow.

How do you reset trac off light on 2000 buick century?

Put car in Overdrive or Drive 3 position with key on then back to Park.Trac off light should go off after system check next restart If the Trac lo light is on by itset check the Emergency brake first.

What is problem when abs light- trac off light- security sensor light come on after starting 2005 impala?

If you haven't even moved the car yet and the light came on, check the brake fluid level. If it is low it will trip that light to come on. Time to have the brakes inspected.

What does the trac off mean?

Trac off means your traction control is turned off.

You have a 2001 grand am and the trac light do not turn off does it go off automatically?

You can turn the traction control on and off. If the light is on, then it is turned off or there is a problem. Read your owner's manual.

Trac off VSC check engine light on Toyota highlander?

Check your brake (stop) light fuse