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Thankfully mine does not shake, thanks for asking. This is really not enough information to diagnose the problem. Does it shake the same every time or does it not shake or shake less sometimes? Is the "check engine" light on? Is there a speed where the shake is more pronounced? Does it have to be full throttle acceleration or does it shake under light acceleration too? Is there a noise accompanying the shake? If you accelerate around a corner is the shake any different? Left or right turn make a difference?

Normally this is caused by warped brake rotors.

What causes a dog to shake can be for various reasons. One common reason would be that a dog might be scared of something or someone. In addition, if the temperature is cold, a dog would shake since it is cold.

If you have animals or loud noise.

This is Alzheimer's Disease.

It uses your energy, a very strong magnet, and the principles of induction. Shake it to "power it up". Shaking the flashlight causes a very strong magnet to pass back and forth inside a wire coil. The magnet's movements cause the light's capacitor to be charged, which causes the light to shine.

Release of energy causes the seismic wave which make the ground shake.

stress or a damage nerve in the brain.

It is probably your brake rotors causing the wobble or shake. As they wear the surface becomes rough and less perfect causing the brakes to grab unevenly.

Your introducing air into the milk which causes bubbles.

might have misaligned or loose wheels

the cuase of this is ussaully worped rotars

have the tyre checked for balance

Could be a broken motor mount.

Men's butts also have fat that causes it to shake a bit when they walk, you probably just don't realize it.

Most likely the blade is bent.

Could be a problem with your torque converter

leaving it in gear and stopping without putting your foot on the clutch.

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