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ww1 was fought in Europe there was not much significant changes in the rest of the world

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What two Asian countries became part of World War 2?

Most Asian countries were involved in World War 2

How many Asian countries have won the FIFA World Cup?

No Asian country has won the world cup so far.

What are the non Catholic countries in the world?

Usually Asian Countries or the Middle East but not the Philippines

What Asian countries were against Japan in World War 2?

well one of the countries was Indonesia and Singapore

Which countries are child soldiers used?

Child soldiers are used in hostile third world African countries and most of your Asian countries.

When did South-East Asian theatre of World War II happen?

South-East Asian theatre of World War II happened on 1941-12-08.

Where is dowry still used in the world today?

India, Pakistan and South Asian countries

How many Asian countries are there in the football world cup?

There are 4 teams from the Asian Football Confederation: Australia Iran Japan South Korea

Why did Japan invade Southeast Asian countries?

They wanted their oil and other resources that were not on the Japan islands. They also wanted to be the rulers of the Asian world.

Countries from Asian continent that played in fifa world cup 2010?

The countries from Asia in the 2010 world cup are North Korea, South Korea, Japan

Why did Truman fight to support many European and Asian countries following World War 2?

To my understanding the reason Truman helped the Europeans and Asian countries was because of communism, when countries are weak and poor they fall to communism and he didn't want that.

What are the asean countries?

It is Asian. Asian countries are technically any countries the reside in the continent of Asia, which you can easily find on any world map. However, many use Asia to refer solely to the so called oriental countries in southeast Asia such as Japan, China, etc.

Where do people practice Buddhism?

Buddhism is practiced throughout the world. It is more prevalent in Asian countries.

In which countries is bowling the most popular?

Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

What is the first Asian country to hosts for football world cup?

Japan and South Korea jointly hosted it in 2002, becoming the first Asian countries to do so.

How Asian countries use us dollar?

indonesia is fat and cupcakes are not love u world thanks

Was vietnam in world war 1?

No, only a couple of Asian countries contributed to WW1 but Vietnam wasn't one of them. The only countries that did participate were colonies of the European countries which were involved.

Why is there more Asian than white people?

Asia is a big continent. 47 countries. So of course there's going to be more asians. 30% of the world is Asian.

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