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By adding all the population of Caucasian origin countries, or Asian or African, you will not find the true number of asians caucasians or africans in the world seeing how most countries have all races living there. But this is the only way in doing so, and the majority of these race origin countries are of the origin race. Race does not necessarily depend on the colour of your skin, but the origin of your ancestors. The major fact about Caucasians is that they developed from the Caucus Mountains and have lighter skin colours. Africans originate from Africa and have darker skin colours. Asians do not lose the fold in their eyes from birth, and originate from Eastern Asia.

First off, the Asians. Asian origin countries are not every country in Asia, in fact, most of Asian countries are of Caucasian decent. The only true Asian part of Asia is the Far East. By taking the population of all the Asian origin countries and Native American population (because they too are of Asian decent, migrating from Eastern Asia) You will get 2,088,685,120, the approximate population of Asians in the world.

Secondly, lets look at the countries of Caucasian origin, the continent of Europe, The Americas, Australia, and South Africa. With all populations of those countries combined we get 3,242,156,710, the approximate population of Caucasians in the world.

Lastly, the Africans. The continent of Africa and Caribbean Islands,not including Cuba and Puerto Rico. The combined populations total to 893,780,330.

If you combine the total Asian caucasian and African population, you will get the population of Earth. Let's round each population to the nearest 100,000,000. So Asians account for 2,100,000,000 humans, Caucasian account for 3,200,000,000 humans, and Africans account for 900,000,000 humans. So the total population of Earth is approximately 6,300,000,000. Asians account for 1/3 of the Earth, or about 34%. Caucasians account for about 1/2 of the Earth, about 51%. Africans therefore account for 15% of the Earth.

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Q: Number of Asians caucAsians and africans in the world?
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