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Q: What was the role of Africans in world war 1 and 2?
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What role did Africans play in World War 1?

Slavery sometimes they aloud them to fight but that was rare

Where did africans fight in World War 1?

In Ethiopia against the Italians.

How many africans participated in world war 1?

More than one million Africans participated in WWI.

Where did black Africans fight in World War 1?

In Ethiopia against the Italians.

Why did participation in world war 1 increase Africans' hopes and expectations for independence?

I don't believe most Africans were even aware of WW1.

What did not play a significant role in emergence of the romantic movement?

World War 1

Who was the world leader that played role in World War 1 and World War 2?


What was the Egyptian role in world war 1?


What treaty ended world war 1 and punished Germany for its role in the war?

The Treaty of Versaille ended World War I.

How role airplanes do in World War 1?

Reconnasissance (scouting).

Did US played a role in World War 1?


What according to Hitler was the Jews role in World War 1?

They supposedly started the war.