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More than one million Africans participated in WWI.

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Q: How many africans participated in world war 1?
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How many nz planes were in World War I?

yes because we participated in the world war

How many people participated in bombings in World War 2?


How many soldiers participated in World War1?

135 countries took part in the war.

How many Indian soldiers participated in world war 2?

2. 5 million

Why was montenegro in World War 1?

Yes, Montenegro participated in World War I.

Have Greece had a war?

Greece has had many wars, especially in ancient times. More recently, Greece participated in World War 2 and the Korean War.

What was the impact on africans in world war you?

they did nothing

What was the next war after World War 2 in which Australia was involved?

The war after world war 2 in which Australia participated was the Korean war.

Where were the landings of World War?

World War 1 was participated in Germany, Africa and more places around the world ( i think).

How many Muslims participated in badr war?


How did many Africans and West Indians express their desire for independence before and after World War 2?

They rebelled and shiz.

How many south African troops participated in the Normandy operations in world war 2?

Due to the restrictions imposed by the South African government of the time, SA forces could ONLY be used in Africa. However many individual South Africans joined the Britsh Army or Royal Air Force and served in Europe.