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What channel is disneychannel on?


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On My Sky TV The Channel Is 40


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how do i sign up for disney channel?

Find Disney channel auditions on google.

No they have tons of disneychannel members around the world.

No, the Disney Channel was created long after Walt Disney died.

Yes Disney Channel does have its own website. It has got games and activities about all of the shows that come on the Disney Channel. It iswww.disney.co.uk/disneychannel.

you can enter the Disney channel competition to win tickets. www.Disney.co.UK/disneychannel


burn a CD and mail it to disneychannel

i dont think it will but there is a show with timon and pummba i dont know what it is calle dor the channel it is on so i hoped this helped

I really want to be on disneychannel but do you really have to go to califoina or you can go on computer?A2: You can record and send your tape into Disney channel. Try going to Disney's website and navigating to "Next Big Thing" section.

To be in Disneychannel you have to go on Igottalentnow.com and auditions.the second thing is moved to California or Miami Florida.

No bcuz sponge bob is made by Nickelodeon and say Cinderella its made by disneychannel

My name is Christina and i live at 14 Point view Drive dannemora at Auckland and i want to be a superstar in disneychannel and i don't no how to be a superstar.

because it was just suppost to be a movie in the first place, but then they made it into a show, then the ran out of adventures for the shows THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG! IT DOESN'T PREMIRE ON DISNEYCHANNEL, BUT IT DOES ON TELETOON- A CANADIAN TELEVISION CHANNEL.

The Disneychannel games had rock,paper,scissor, Simon says, and a lot more. But for now I kinda forgot because Friends For Change replaced The Disneychannel games... :) You're Welcome.


In Canada, it's 8/7c source: http://tv.disney.go.com/disneychannel/originalmovies/wizardsofwaverlyplacethemovie/index.html

It does not because its a child's channel, But I think I recall seeing a couple, they are not commercial commercials, they are maybe some sort of toy ad, nothing more.

Free games related to the Disney channel programming can be found on the Disney Channel website at http://disney.go.com/disneychannel/games/. You can see there are a variety of games available and they are all free and related to Disney programs. Disney is dedicated to have a safe and fun website for children.

yes, demi lovato was famous before she was on disneychannel. she was an actress and a singer. although, she was very young.

You can go on the Disney channel website and either send a shoutout or send her a letter. The Disney Channel website is http://home.Disney.go.com/tv/ The Sonny with a Chance section of this website is http://tv.Disney.go.com/disneychannel/sonnywithachance/index.HTML

hey my name is lajewellz prophet and i love actess and singing i want to be on disneychannel too, so look for audition in your state or not and be confident and try out and there you go .

Funimation? Yo kids need to watch sumn like nick jr or disney jr on disneychannel. I've nvr heard of funimation,try the on demand thingy

she auditioned on disneychannel.

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