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Q: What chemicals can hinder over-stimulation in the schizophrenia's brain when it is tired and can not protect itself naturally?
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What does a dust mask protect?

chemicals and pollution

Why are chemicals put into public water?

To protect health

What precautions should a person take when working with pool chemicals?

You need to protect both your eyes and your hands from chemicals. Wear goggles, and gloves to protect your hands, and make sure not to touch skin.

What is the purpose of desiccator?

A Dessicator can protect chemicals or that might react with water from humidity. Dessicators are mostly used to preserve chemicals that are sensitive to moisture.

What are the importance of gloves?

They Protect your hands from Weather, and Harsh Chemicals

How do sea sponges protect themselves?

i think they can release chemicals

What is the function of goggles?

To protect your eyes from dangerous chemicals or materials.

Why is it important to wear a face shield?

to protect your face from chemicals.

How to protect from scratches?

The only way to prevent scratches on your floor is to use chemicals. These chemicals are known as scratch guard laminents. Of course you can dilute these chemicals with water to make them less harsh .

Why is it important to wear a chemical protective suit in science?

To protect you from chemicals

What chemicals protect the body against virus and some cancer?


Why do some plants have poisonous chemicals in their leaves?

This is to protect them from grazing animals.

What is the function of an apron in science?

to protect you from getting chemicals and other substances on to your clothes and skin.

What are latex gloves used for in chemistry?

To protect the skin from dangerous chemicals, and to prevent the transfer of chemicals fron the skin onto sensitive samples.

What should you wear in the lab to protect against chemicals spills?

Hazmat suit

Why does a cell seal itself immediately?

To protect itself from harmful chemicals, such as Cornpops.

Why do scientists use safety goggles?

To protect their eyes from chemicals or dangerous objects.

How can you protect ozone layer for your own?

In order to protect the ozone layer we must stop the use of ODS. They contain chemicals which can deplete the ozone layer.

Could you protect the ozone layer?

We could protect the ozone layer by curbing the use of CFCs. Thes CFC are the chemicals that lead to the depletion of ozone.

What is the meaning of pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals that are used to protect crops from pests.

Why do scientists need to wear lab coats?

So they can protect themselves from chemicals in the lab.

How do snalis protect themselves?

Snails have a naturally developed shell that protects it from the outside world.

What do plants use to protect themselves?

Insert genes that produce anti-insect chemicals into the plant

How does sweat protect the body?

The sweat keeps your body cool and the chemicals in it help to kill bacteria

Ways to protect soil?

You can help protect soil by planting trees, growing local plants, adding mulch, and watering. Avoid paving and using harsh chemicals.