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What chemicals do you use to treat for hard water in pool?

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You do not treat pool water hardness with chemicals. If you have hard water in your area then you need to know what the allowable maximum of water hardness is before the water needs to be changed. You remove or reduce the hardness in water by draining and refilling the pool.


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Will baking soda treat hard water in swimming pools?

No, it will affect the pH of your pool. You need to look at the chemicals calcium harness, as well as any metals in your water.

You heard new pool water is green and turns blue in a few days is this true?

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

What pool chemicals remove bacteria from the water?

Chlorine is an effective agent against treating your pool against bacteria. You can buy supplies to test and treat your pool at pool shops.

Can you fill a pool with hard well water?

Yes you can fill a pool with hard well water. I have an above the ground pool and I have hard water. After you add shock and the rest of your chemicals, the water will turn brown. To get this out you will have to buy a chemical called metal out. It works great. You could probably add the metal out first. On start up of the pool you will have to use a few filters to get all the metal out of your pool water.

Is it hard to care for a pool filled with well water?

No, millions of pool owners do it. You just need a good filter system and the relevant chemicals .

Are pool chemicals dangerous to pets?

If your pet get into the chemicals see a vet. If your pet is drinking water from the pool, even after chemicals have been added to the water, they will be ok.

Pool Chemicals?

form_title= Pool Chemicals form_header= Keep your pool clean and beautiful with pool chemicals. Do you have a salt water or chlorine pool?*= () Salt () Chlorine What kind of chemicals do you need?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above Ground () In Ground

Why does your pool water turn cloudy after it rains?

because the rain water mixes with the chemicals in the pool

What are black stuff growing everywhere in the pool?

It is called black algae. Your pool supply company can provide the proper chemicals to treat it.

How long after plastering a pool can you add chemicals?

as soon as you put the water in you can ad chemicals to it

Why is pool water oily?

Pool water can be considered oily do to the bleach. Usually if it feels oily to many chemicals have been added to the pool.

How do you treat pool water that has concrete staining chemicals spilled in it from staining a pool deck and will the water be safe after treating?

How to treat this problem depends on several factors. First what type of pool surface do you have? Next what specific chemicals were used in the staining? How many gallons of water do you have in your pool? What type of sanitizer are you currently using in your pool? What is your complete balance including total alkalinity and calcium hardness? What color is the stain? What are the copper or iron levels in the pool water? Do you use well water? Is it treated or untreated? With these questions answered we can help formulate a solution to your problem. The best way to try to resolve this issue is to take a pool water sample along with a picture of the stains and show them to you local pool store. If you can find a store that sells a line of products made by Jack's Magic that would be best. Jack's Magic makes a line of stain removing chemicals and has complete processes to remove the stains.

How pure is pool water?

Pool water has chlorine in it which is a very strong powder that makes the pool clean. If you swallow a lot of pool water that is strong you could die. Pure water is clean with no chemicals.

Are pool chemicals harmful to little children?

Pool chemicals will be harmful to small children if ingested or if they come in contact with the skin at full strength. However, when used at proper levels in a pool they are not harmful. Pool chemicals in water are not harmful to children. Try to keep children from swallowing too much water though. Pool chemicals not stored correctly would be harmful to children, however!

Chemicals required for an above ground pool?

If you are unsure about the chemicals required in your above ground pool take a water sample to your local pool shop and they will set you on the right path

What are the chemicals in pool water?

clorine and depending on certain pools salt water.

Is the water warmer with a salt water pool?

No ... the suns rays equally heat pool water regardless of what chemicals are used for keeping the water clean.

Why do you test water?

Water needs to be tested for, lets say, a pool, because it is important to know what chemicals to add to your pool.

How high can a water bill get with a pool?

soz i dunnoIt is hard on the electricity even if not heated since you still have to run the pump constantly plus the chemicals.

What shampoo to use for well water?

That depends how hard your well water is. You can use a 'pool kit' to test this.That depends how hard your well water is. You can use a 'pool kit' to test this.

How do you clean a pool filled with dirt and water?

let it settle, then use the pool vac. Chemicals will clear the water but they wont vaccume

How often should you change the water in a pool?

With proper chemicals, equipment, and a filter, you will never need to completely replace the water in a pool.

How much it cost your pool is 18x4?

The cost for what: the pool, the water, the chemicals, the heat, the electricity, the maintenance etc???

Is it acceptable to urinate in a swimming pool?

no it is not but if you have an accident don't worry, there are chemicals in the pool water to deal with such accidents.

How do you get pH lower in the pool without chemicals?

You could add water.