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Japan is a wonderful place for a vacation. It has a number of cities that any tourist would want to see. Here's a short list of them:

1. Tokyo 2. Osaka 3. Nagoya 4. Yokohama 5. Sapporo and 6. Akita

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Q: What cities are in Japan?
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How many cities are in Japan?

144 cities are in japan

How many towns and cities are there in Japan?

there are 144 cities in japan

How many cities in Japan?

there are 19 cities in Japan, including Ranfore

3 cities in Japan?

There are many more than three cities in Japan

What are the major cities of Japan?

The major cities of Japan are Tokyo,Osaka,Kobe,and Sapparo.

What are the capital cities of Japan and china?

tokyo and japan

What is a foreign city in japan that starts with the letter j?

Jōyō is a city in Japan begining with the letter J..There are no 'foreign' cities in Japan, all cities in Japan are Japenese.

Do most people live in towns cities or in the countryside in Japan?

Most people in Japan live in cities.

Capital cities in Japan?

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.

Where is hiroshima and nagaski Is it in Japan?

Yes, they are both cities in Japan.

When did Japan become a city?

Japan is a country with many cities.

What to cities did the US bomb in Japan?

I think we bombed many cities in Japan during WWII but the two cities we dropped nuclear bombs on were Hiroshima and Nagasaki

What are some cities that start with the letter C in Japan?

· Chiba, Japan

Main cities in japan?


What are the major cities in japan?


What are 4 major cities in japan?

Four major cities in Japan would be Tokyo, Kyoto, Harajuku and Yokoyama. Hope this helped!

What two cities in japan where hit by the atomic bomb?

The two cities of Japan which were hit by the atomic bomb by America were "NAGASAKI" and "HIROSHIMA".

What are four major cities in Japan?

TokyoOsakaNayogaYokohamatokyo,yokphama,osaka,nago are 4 major cities in japan

Which cities in japan have zoos?

There are many cities in Japan with zoos. These include Nagoya, Inuyama, Toyohashi, Akita, Futtsu, Iyo, as well as Toyota.

What are all of the most occupied cities of japan?

The most occupied cities of Japan are: 1) Tokyo 2) Osaka 3) Hokaido (Not always)

Dropped the atomic bomb on what 2 japan cities?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

What japan cities was atomic bombs dropped on?

The city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

What are the top visited cities in Japan?

Japan is known for having some of the largest and most populated cities in the world. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka offer amazing tourist attractions and a view into another way of life. That is why they are the most visited cities in Japan.

Where do most Japanese live?

Japan... in cities

What cities were bombed in japan?

hiroshima and nagasaki